Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e 10-needle Home Embroidery Machine


We know that choosing an home embroidery machine is one of the most essential things to consider, especially when you are a starter. There are a lot of questions in mind considering the right home embroidery machine.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e is one of the best embroidery machines by brother. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional embroider, in both cases the brother Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e would be enough for you.

10 Needle Embroidery Machine for home

 1. Stitching speed:

Brother Pro PR1000e is a 10 needle embroidery machine that offers you 1000 stitches per minute, and that ensures fast embroidery work. You can embroider through your multi-color projects without having to spend a lot of time.

Brother pro PR1000e home embroidery machine offers you a new advanced super View HD LCD touch screen display, and this LCD panel features the best color reception than any other home embroidery machine, not only it features the best clarity view, but also it has options to navigate through the embroidery process.

You can adjust the lighting level through new brightness options; view about 16.7 million colors at expanded viewing angles, manage design selection, watch the built-in tutorials, and a lot more.

2. Innova Chrome LED thread color system:

Being a beginner you might have a problem with the thread color system, but with PR1000e embroidery machine you don’t have to worry about it, PR1000e features Innova Chrome LED thread color system, that allows you to match the color virtually by a foolproof method.

This was introduced in the first generation Brother Pro PR1000e, and now it is more enhanced in PR1000e. So, now you can easily check that which of the thread colors belong on the specific spool, all you have to do is to match the color to avoid mistakes.

This was introduced in the first generation Brother Pro PR1000e home embroidery machine, and now it is more enhanced in PR1000e. So, now you can easily check that which of the thread colors belong on the specific spool, all you have to do is to match the color to avoid mistakes.

Innova Chrome is more than just matching the thread color, it also works as visual status, and these LED lights indicate if something goes wrong such as thread breakage, they also let you know when your design gets ready. So, pretty much you can monitor everything by just a glance.

Home Embroidery Machine Threading system:

PR1000e also features an eyelet threading system and an auto threading system, this makes the threading so easy, you just need to follow the numbered instructions; it also features a tension bar that refrains the threads from getting tangled.

After you are done with your design, Brother entrepreneur pro PR1000e home embroidery machine  offers you a spool reset option, by which you get an option to erase the memory of the spool thread, it helps you to start a new design by erasing the data for the needle position of the last design.

3. Use of  InnovEye Technology :

Another premium feature of the Brother pro PR1000e is InnovEye technology that shows you the area of the needle in just one glance, so you have an exact idea of what your needle is processing at the moment.

InnovEye feature also works with a snowman embroidery positioning marker that helps you to find a needle drop position for your design precisely and automatically.

Brother pro home embroidery machine is also offering an upgrade package for both PR1000 and PR1000e, after the update the PR1000 series can have a scanner, and this makes your life so easier, being an embroiderer you could not ask for more.

With the help of a scanner, you can see your design in real-time on an LCD screen. You can scan the entire fabric and then take a closer look at the image.

InnovEye also helps you with pattern placement by a camera, and it really makes your life easier when it comes to repeated patterns or the borders.

4. Stitch to block :

Finally the last and definitely not the least feature of the upgrade kit is the on-screen density adjustment option, this feature is also known as a stitch to block. This feature calculates the number of stitches as you zoom in your design up to 200% or zoom out to 60% original size of the design.

This makes the final design enhanced and premium in quality, as the design will not lose its stitched quality in any size, thanks to the on-screen density adjustment feature.

You can even take control of stitch density and set it manually, if you are not satisfied with the result of automatic density, all you have to do is use the density adjustment tool to change the values manually according to your requirement.

5. Color shuffling Function:

Another valuable feature by home embroidery machine series PR1000e is a color shuffling function that allows you to alter the color of your design with just one click, all you have to do is select design, click on the shuffling icon and choose from four arrays of color schemes, you even get further options such as vivid, random and soft. You can keep shuffling until you get your favorite color scheme.

Color shuffling is one of the best solutions when your design does not match the fabric, or when you want to add a little different touch to the same design.

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