Convert an embroidery file for free

Converting an embroidery file to your required file format such as a dst file is one of the most important and rather essential steps that one can never neglect.

Without considering this how far would you be able to go?

Of course you cannot process your embroidery file data into machine language without having relevant file type.

Add outline border around the tatami object in wilcom

Convert your design to an embroidery file:

Wilcom Truesizer web version is an embroidery software that offers you various stunning and useful options that you can utilize for your embroidery project.

And the best thing about making use of this tool is that you don’t have to install it on your desktop as a regular embroidery application.

And one of the worth mentioning things about Wilcom Truesizer web is that you can convert embroidery file to your desired file type for free!

Changing your embroidery from one format type to another involves really easy steps.

To make use of this feature through Wilcom Truesizer web application, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Visit the official website of Wilcom Truesizer, and there you will be asked to login to your account, create one if you do not have it already.

Step 2:

Once you have successfully logged into your account, it will load the interface of your web application, click on Open Design on the top left corner.

It should open up a dialogue box for you and will let you select your file, either from the sky-drive or from your computer storage.

Browse your design file, and select okay. Wait for a moment till it loads up your embroidery design file.

Step 3:

Before you convert it to another file, just reassure yourself that if you want it the same, if not, then just make some quick changes. That is, changing the color of your design, adjusting the size etc.

After having a bird’s eye view on your finalized project, click on the Save Result button from the left window.

It will further give you three options, and we have to go for Convert Design.

Step 4:

Once you click on the Convert Design button, it will open up a dialogue box option asking where to save your design, Choose between Sky-Drive and Computer storage.

Note: Convert Design To option is equivalent to Save As option.

Step 5:

After selecting your Primary storage option, Click on the drop down menu; make sure to select your required file format according to your embroidery machine stitch file.

After selecting it, click on the save button, you can rename it if you want to, and that’s about it.

You have successfully changed your file type to the different file format for free.

If you are looking for converting an image to an embroidery file, then click here, because this tool cannot convert an image to the embroidery file, but we can definitely resolve this for you.

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