So ändern Sie den Schriftstil in Wilcom

Changing the style of your existing font is not a difficult thing at all; you just have to get yourself familiarized with the interface.

There are a lot of options and features in Wilcom that provide us with proper assistance and these things are only difficult until we learn them.

Let us guide you through step by step:

Schritt 1:

Open your Wilcom application and click on Datei, from the drop-down menu select Open Design, you can also use a shortcut key which is Ctrl + Ö.

Schritt 2:

A dialogue box will open up; browse your required design file whose font style you have to change and click on Open.

Schritt 3:

After clicking on the Open it should load your file into Wilcom’s interface.

Jetzt kommt der wichtige Teil, make sure on the right side of the window you have your Object Properties panel opened.

If it is not opened already, then select your design, right-click on it and select Object Properties.

Schritt 4:

After enabling the Object Eigenschaften panel, make sure to select the Besondere tab under Object Properties.

Click on the Preview checkbox.

Schritt 5:

Before you apply any font style to your design file, make sure you have selected your design by clicking on it.

Right above the Preview checkbox, you will see a drop-down menu list, click on it.

A number of several font styles will appear, select your favorite font and click on the Check button to apply the effect.

Hinweis: Always remember your required font style by its name, so it will be easy for you to browse through several font styles.

You can even set the spacing of thefont letters by scrolling down.

You will see the spacing portion; insert your required spacing to determine the level of spacing from one letter to another.

Ähnlich, word spacing would determine the spacing between words, and the Line spacing option is intended to add space between Lines.

Schritt 6:

After applying the font style and required spacing, make sure to save the file.

Klicke auf Datei and select Save. If you do not want to overwrite your existing file, then make sure to select Save As.

Name your file and save it on your drive, und das ist es auch schon! You have successfully changed the font style of your design.

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Hoffe, es wird für euch hilfreich sein!

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