Das Erlernen der Digitalisierung ist direkt proportional zum Erlernen der Digitalisierung von Anwendungen, und da fühlen sich die meisten Stickereibetriebe ein wenig verloren. Ob Sie das Digitalisieren lernen sollten oder nicht?

Viele Leute fragen sich, welche Sticksoftware für sie als kleines Stickereiunternehmen geeignet wäre.

Und ehrlich, it depends upon your skill levels and budget; fully robust digitizing software can cost you a lot.

And if you are just starting with your embroidery business then you might not want to invest thousands of dollars on digitizing software.

So, if you are already familiar with some graphics applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and illustrator, then you can consider working on any digitizing application.

Budget For Your Embroidery Business:Beste Stickgarne

But the second and the most vital thing is your budget, selecting a fully functional embroidery app can be expensive.

And if you do not have any such background, then it would consume all of your time to learn digitizing and master the art of digitizing, hence in that case you should be more focused on outsourcing the digitizing services.

And also you must keep in mind that if you are from a graphics designing background or you keep the good knowledge to start with the digitizing software, do not go for an application that limits your capabilities, there are many free versions that provide you with basic editing features.

But they are not good enough to get you through your professional projects, they are surely handy and you can perform some quick changes.

But in order to work professionally, you need a fully robust digitizing application, it might be your one-time heavy investment, but if you know how to utilize it, then it would be worth it.


Bear in mind that every situation is different if you are a person with no digitizing background and still want to keep things in-house. Then do not worry, you still can do it.

But you just have to be very committed to your work, you need to invest time to learn digitizing, the learning curve would be large, but you will get there eventually.

Meanwhile, if you do not want to keep your business stationery then you can outsource Digitalisierung von Diensten until you master it yourself.

What suits you the most is upon your business, both options are good but it depends on you which you get the most from.

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