Siebdruck vs.. Digitales Drucken

When choosing between digital printing on cloth and screen printing for your next clothing project it is crucial to consider the specific benefits and terms of each printing.

Screen printing:

Screen printing is merely a process that involves making a stencil and then adding layers of ink to the printing material with that stencil. To achieve the final appearance, each color is added by using a single stencil, one at a point, zusammen.

Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing is a far-modern method involving a machine editing the artwork and then printing it onto the surface of your label. Digital printing is not a thermal transfer or application since the ink is applied to the shirt’s cotton.

If you are searching for a more traditional, vintage or softer look, you might be more comfortable in screen printing, but if you are searching for a sleeker, fresh, and clean finish, then digital printing would be something to note. Both techniques also have different finishes.

Now I am going to discuss about the uses of screen and digital printing:

What is screen printing used for?


For patterns that need a high degree of liveliness while printing on darker clothes or for particular items, screen printing is the safest choice. The ink is added thicker than optical printing in screen printing, and on darker shirts results in lighter colors.

What is digital printing used for?

For products that need high quantities of information and demands of a smaller number, digital printing is better utilized. And even greater precision than conventional screen printing, the reason that the digital printer doesn’t even use displays makes for photographic printing.

  • Größe
    If you’ve been looking for a traditional complete front style, it’s nice to go digital and screen. If you’re aiming for something more unusual, like an all-over print, then there’s going to be a straightforward option.

  • Printable clothes
    Cotton printing is still the greatest, no matter whether you’re doing DTG or screen printing. Polyester, acrylic, Teflon-coated materials, burlap, bamboo, you name it, can accommodate screen printing. Another story is DTG. Its cotton and polyester printing, somewhat limited to 100 percent, will operate as long as no under-base is required.

  • Appearance
    If template art is fine, both the digital and the show can look great, crisp, and simple. So color is the crucial element. With ink variations and technological skills, screen printing is massively scalable. The blues and violets of digital printing don’t look okay on an underground base. It also does not provide the advanced screen printing of inks such as metallic, dim glow, and UV-sensitive shades.

  • Speed
    Screen printing is a complex and scientific endeavor, so it needs a while. It’s certainly worth the time or effort, but unless you’re in a hurry and want to get ten tees printed nowDigital printing is righteous.

    Now let’s discuss about their costs according to the requirement of printing:

Cost comparison:

Ebenfalls, the price of each print can determine the number of colors you choose to use. Digital printing in black and white is more accessible; jedoch, if you decide that you like one color or one hundred, there’s no difference. For each color with screen

Printing, an extra screen is needed, ensuring any additional colors would cost you.

Advantages of screen printing:

  • Cost-efficient for bulk work
  • Versatile style location a different angle or location, artwork may quickly be transferred and printed.

Disadvantages to screen printing:

  • when printing with different colors; it is expensive
  • One layout per batch

Advantages of digital printing:

  • It could be a better choice if you are working on a tight timetable.
  • Better accuracy, if required, makes regular adjustments.
  • Great for customized mail

Disadvantages to digital printing:

Color matching inaccuracies; the color can look noticeably different on the screen relative to it when printed.


In short, digital printing will meet your desires if you choose 100 individually customized prints. Likewise, if you wanted a larger quantity of prints that didn’t seem personalized, the better choice could be screen printing.

I hope this article will provide you a clear understanding of the procedures associated and achieved by screen printing and digital printing that you will accomplish.