DIGITALIZACIÓN interna VS Outsourcing con pros y contras

La digitalización de bordados ha estado con nosotros desde el principio., and it is probably one of the best things that one can do with the fabric.
sin emabargo; In house digitizing embroidery has never been as easy as it is in the modern era, and thanks to modern techniques involved called digitizing.
Now that you can either hire an In house digitizer or you can outsource the service for your design logos, which one is best? Let me compare both in house digitizing vs outsourcing.
As we know that digitizing is a technique in which we convert our artwork into a special format, and that format is read by an embroidery machine.

On average digitizing software costs you in between $2000-$4000. but normally all maquinas de bordar include a compact version of embroidery software that is able to do normal editing.
También, it is important to know how the digitizers price their work, and also you should be aware of the price of outsourcing.
We have divided this into different steps, so it would be easier for you. Let us talk about how the pricing works.

Flat rates per design:

Flat rate prices are more popular and easy as they do not vary, and also flat-rate prices depend upon the placement and size of the design, so the smaller chest logos can cost you $10 a $20 and can go up to $30 depending upon their complexity.

Stitch count:

Another flexible thing which outsourcing allows you is the stitch count; you can also hire an outsourcing service that would depend upon the stitch count. For example per 1000 stitches for $1 o $1.5 dolares, so it gives you ease to select whatever you are most comfortable with. A usual chest logo contains about 7000 puntadas.

The complexity of design:

Another possible way is judging the price by the complexity of work and the labor cost, expert digitizers factor this based on their knowledge, they usually check the design for their complexity, and how it would be redrawn.

So what does this mean for embroiderers?

Being an embroiderer you do not have to worry about digitizing software as you can outsource the embroidery digitizing service and that would only cost you from $10 a $15 which is pretty reasonable.
Almost more than 80% print & embroidery businesses outsource the digitizing work so they can avoid extra effort and focus on the production of work. Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of both in house digitizing and outsourcing digitizing services.

Pros of in house digitizing:

  • Keep all the profit to yourself
  • You would not rely on anyone else
  • You have the ability to take custom orders for in house digitizing

Cons of in house digitizing:

  • you have to spend more time on in house digitizing rather than production
  • you need a digitizer and software
  • you need dedicated space and resources
  • If you do in house digitizing yourself you have to spend a lot of time to learn the application and all process
  • In house digitizing costs you considerably high which isn’t an ideal solution for small businesses

Pros of outsourcing digitizing services:

  • No need to hire a digitizer and buy a software
  • You can get your work done fast & way cheaper than in-house
  • You will be focused on production work rather than focusing on digitizing
  • You do not have to spend time learning the software and its complexities
  • No need for any dedicated space and extra resources
  • Considerably affordable and ideal solution for small businesses

The cons of outsourcing digitizing:

  • If you do not have a good outsourcing company then you have no control over the quality, and you lose it.
  • You have a risk of losing money if you don’t consult with a good digitizing agency
  • You rely on someone else

Digitizing your work through outsourcing

If you do not have the right digitizing agency for you then it might come with risk, but surely if you do not have the time and with a little research you can surely come up with many good digitizing agencies.
It is always a better option to test your digitizer before you can assign them the actual project, so you should ask for samples, and see through their work.
También, try to give them a moderately complex design that you might encounter from your clients, so if they can handle difficult design, they can surely get through your complex logo design.

Want to keep work in-house?

If you do not have graphics designing knowledge then it would not be a good choice for you, and also you need to have significant knowledge of various software.
If you do not consider hiring an expert digitizer then you might feel stuck in your complex projects, if you just want to deal with normal editing, then in house digitizing will work for you well.
If you want to take control of your design and you do not want to rely on any digitizing agency, then you can keep the work in-house, some people like to set up things in-house.
But it will cost you considerably more than outsourcing the digitizing work, you have to have a dedicated setup, and you must have a digitizer, also you need to take responsibility for digitizing software.

Benefits of outsourcing

Vector illustration of funny brunette stressed woman with her hands on the head and wide opened mouth.

Outsourcing of Digitizing can surely uplift your working environment, not only it can reduce the cost but also it allows you to save time for your business.
And that is why if you have just started your embroidery business, then it would be preferable to only heed on the production of your work.
This can only happen if you consign your work to some better embroidery outsourcing company that can assure you both the quality and the quick service.

Sin duda, es posible que deba aumentar la configuración de su hogar y desee exceder la producción, en algún momento, puede que desee contratar a algunas personas internas. Pero al principio, si desea establecer la configuración empresarial ideal. considerar el costo mínimo subcontratando los mejores servicios de digitalización.

Crecimiento de su negocio:

Si eres una persona de negocios, entonces debes involucrar y hacer uso de la tecnología moderna y no puedes tener éxito simplemente siendo conservador.
La subcontratación abre nuevas puertas y brinda muchas oportunidades, you can hire the digitizer for your company by one call, and that way you eliminate the extra amount of work with in house digitizing.
By entrusting your embroidery work to a service provider you can feel lighter and free to focus on different ideas, that way you can steadily grow your business. And also when you will spend less time digitizing, you will focus more on production values, which will definitely have a positive impact on your small business.
Another important thing is the value of time. If you want to save time and heed on the production work, then for sure, you need to outsource,(not in house digitizing) because only then you can save time for your business. and that eventually grows your business.
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