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Se vuoi sapere quali sono i file 7 i migliori accessori da ricamo che vorrei portare con me, allora è questo, In questo articolo verranno discussi gli elementi di ricamo più importanti che puoi utilizzare.

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1) Bobina magnetica :

Le bobine magnetiche sono abbastanza facili da usare, one side of the bobbin is attached with a magnet and the other side does not, that way it is quite easy for us to determine which part would go into the bobbin. Così, there is no way you would put it incorrectly.
Another best thing about magnetic bobbin is that it supports the right movement; it is because it is magnetic, and so it supports the spool with a very nice and consistent motion. That is why I would recommend you to get some for your embroidery work.

2 &3 ) The Tension Gauges :

I have put numbers 2 e 3 together, and the reason for that is they are meant to be together, it is more like a package. These tension gauges are used to measure the top tension and the bobbin tension.
Of course you cannot just correct one, and ignore the second one completely, which is why these tools make the best duo together.
If you are putting in a bobbin that is new then you would not want to do that without confirming the correct tension of that bobbin case.
You just put the thread in the tension gauge and the meter on it tells whether it is correct or not. It is quite easy to use and there is no way you should not have them.
Così, just one time investment on these tools can be really helpful for your embroidery business, as you would be using them throughout your embroidery journey.

4)  Touchup Markers :

While embroidering you sometimes have stitch spacing issues, these gaps are due to false tension, but since we have discussed how you can prevent it by using two of the best tension gauges you do not have to worry about it.
But also, sometimes it is not the tension gauge fault but it could be the design’s fault too, and that can be really disastrous if you do not have any backup plan.
Thanks to the magic touch up markers, they are the best invention indeed, if your embroidery design has little density and have spaces in between them, and then you can use these touchup markers to fill up the space.
That is amazing and helps you out a lot to fill in the space, you should always have them, and it would be the best plan B for your embroidery, also they are not expensive, so it would be a good idea to stock them.

5) (8 in 1embroidery hoop set)

You must have an idea that in the embroidery field all types of hoops are of great importance, and you cannot just think of starting your embroidery work without having a proper hoop set.
Which is why you should always be equipped with a proper hoops set, for this reason we use 8 in 1embroidery hoop set. Questo ti offre tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno.
Il set è composto da 8 maestro dei cerchi speciali; li puoi trovare in diverse dimensioni, in modo da poter eseguire quasi tutti i lavori di ricamo con loro.
La cosa migliore del set di cerchi speciali è che ti consente di far galleggiare il materiale sul telaio, utilizza uno stabilizzatore adesivo in modo da poter ricamare nel migliore dei modi.

Non si limita a intelaiarlo in modo tradizionale, lo trovi più stabile e fermo, ciò fa sì che il tuo prodotto abbia una qualità premium.
Il set di 8 specialty hoops is also best to carry out projects that have less space, per esempio, tasche, cuffs and sleeves, and many more.
Moreover specialty master hoop sets also provide you with a better solution to deal with the back and sides of the cap. It means you have more flexibility and more options to carry out your project. It not only reduces issues but also it increases work efficiency.
One of the common issues without using specialty hoop is puckering on knitting. Because while embroidering the fabric stretches itself after being hooped.
And it causes the design to form a small tight group, but if you utilize specialty hoop, it keeps the original properties of the fabric and lets you embroider in the best quality.

6) Slim-line clamps (embroidery Items):

Slim line clamp is another best thing to invest your money in, this is almost similar to the 8 in 1 cerchi, but unfortunately it does not come along with several frame options. You have to buy it if you require different sizes.
Slim line clamp offers you pretty good hold of the fabric as it has a firm side clamp that is driven down to hold the fabric, which is why you can embroider a lot of unusual things, così, if you think you need extra support to embroider something, slim line clamp would be best option.

You can also embroider normal things such as the left chest logo and other designs with great accuracy, but the best use of a slim line clamp would be to utilize it for the unusual shapes such as hats or anything that is a little thicker and needs a firm hold.

7) Magnetic embroidery hoop:

Magnetic hoops are another best kind of hoops that you can utilize for your professional projects, when you are working with embroidery projects, hoops become quite important for you.
Magnetic embroidery hoops are mostly used to prevent hoop burn issues, now many of you might not face this issue unless you embroider on some special type of fabric.
And this usually happens with the normal hoops, they leave a mark behind, which of course you can get rid of, but still if you do not want those marks in the first place, then you should use magnetic embroidery hoops.

If you the fabric type you are embroidering on is delicate such as silk or satin or even some of the leather materials might get burn marks, so you should have magnetic hoop, they do not put much pressure on the fabric and still hold them firmly, which is why I absolutely love them and they are my favorite.
Since it is magnetic, also you do not have to hoop it manually and it kind of attaches itself to the fabric and does it automatically. It is one of the best easy to use hoops in the market.

So guys these were 7 of the best embroidery items/accessories, if you want to go farther in the embroidery field you must have these tools with you all the time. Sono strumenti di ricamo abbastanza facili da usare e tuttavia abbastanza potenti.

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