Come creare caratteri personalizzati in Wilcom

Caratteri personalizzati in Wilcom

Vuoi creare i tuoi caratteri personalizzati ma hai difficoltà?? Se sì, allora questo articolo fa per te. In Wilcom adding a font might not be a difficult thing as you can add all the traditional built-in fonts quite easily. In the font drop-down, there are many font types available that you can choose for your project. tuttavia; … Leggi tutto

Come cambiare lo stile del carattere in Wilcom

stile del carattere in Wilcom

Changing the style of your existing font is not a difficult thing at all; you just have to get yourself familiarized with the interface. There are a lot of options and features in Wilcom that provide us with proper assistance and these things are only difficult until we learn them. Let us guide you through step by step: Passo … Leggi tutto

Come realizzare il design dell'applique

Lampada da parete di design

Applique is ornamental needlework that not only looks stunning but also is unique and quite in demand. And if we look into embroidery digitizing about applique Designs, then you would find them pretty much in. Let us divide this guide into steps: Passo 1: Open your design that you want to convert into applique, load it into Wilcom. Passo 2: AfterLeggi tutto

Come aggiungere il codice colore nel file di disegno

Are you finding difficulty adding color code or color name in your design? Bene, not anymore. Step1: First things first, apri la tua applicazione Wilcom e importa il file di progettazione richiesto. Passo 2: From the menu bar go to “View” and select View by the color option You can also press Alt+C as a shortcut key. A dialogue box will appear thatLeggi tutto

Serigrafia Vs. Stampa digitale

Serigrafia vs stampa digitale

When choosing between digital printing on cloth and screen printing for your next clothing project it is crucial to consider the specific benefits and terms of each printing. Screen printing: Screen printing is merely a process that involves making a stencil and then adding layers of ink to the printing material with that stencil. To achieve the final appearance, eachLeggi tutto

Macchina da ricamo multitesta VS a testa singola

Macchina da ricamo multitesta Vs macchina da ricamo a testa singola

Single Head Embroidery Machine Vs. Multi Head Embroidery MachineThis guide will tell you the difference between these two embroidery machines.There might be many reasons to start considering a multi-head embroidery machine, if you feel like you are running behind a little on your projects. Perché dovresti passare a multi-head?? There might be many reasons to start consideringLeggi tutto

Come creare le lettere in Wilcom

Crea le lettere in Wilcom

In questo articolo, I will show you how to create the letters using the Wilcom application. Before we continue guys please make sure to subscribe to this channel for any upcoming videos. If we ask you to perform one of the easiest tasks in Wilcom studio, then creating the font letters would probably be one of them! So let usLeggi tutto

Come rimuovere il salto e il taglio dal tuo ricamo

Follow the below steps to remove jump and trim from your embroidery. Step1: Open the Wilcom application and open up your required design which you want to fix. Once it is loaded on Wilcom you can start working on it. Passo 2: Nota: Both cutter and trim are the same things but in Wilcom it is addressed as trim. MoveLeggi tutto