Superiore 5 Macchine serigrafiche automatiche

embroidery digitizing processLa serigrafia può richiedere molto impegno e può essere impegnativa; tuttavia, se stai lavorando su una stampa su media o grande scala e non puoi permetterti un processo di stampa manuale sul tetto. Queste macchine possono esserti utili in quanto sono a prezzi bassi e possono svolgere compiti extra.

So if you are in search of screen printing machines that work automatically, I can provide you with a list of the top five automatic screen printing machines. These machines are designed in such a way that they can handle bulk serigrafia work and a high number of orders in a short time. These machines can do complicated printings and can give fast outputs.

1. M&R Stryker Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press:Embroidery machine multi head

This automatic cloth printing machine comes in oval format, and it’s the specification that the oval shape can take less space on the floor and make this machine more efficient than others. It is a high quality and very smooth engine in which the servo drive indexer gives fast and more accurate printing. It is available in three format sizes that are 16, 28, o 52 regarding your printing choice. You can use this machine without any restrictions.

As every station of the machine can print so, you can leave the station open to not print. It’s a high speed, smooth working, and correct amount printing machine.


STRYKER can cover digital image areas of 60 X 84 cm, 70 X 100 di, e 80 X 110 cm

(31.5″ x 43.5″) rispettivamente. The STRYKER’s 10-station format module can be incremented to 6 stations that can create 16, 22 28, 34, 40, 46, e 52 station configurations. It’s high- lift format can simplify loading and unloading of the screen, cleaning of pieces, and inspection. It can also afford multiple index configuration, and its laser-based system gives speed palate, positioning, and change over the facility. It can stack up to 48 colors at a time.


It is soft, fast-moving, reliable, and available in all sizes. The most heart touching property of every person is that it’s a very affordable machine.

Its oval shape is unique, and it occupies less space than others; hence it’s more efficient than others.


Try to take a break after every 2 per 4 hours to avoid the heating effect. It gives a 2-year warranty which is really significantly less for a printout machine.

2. WORKHORSE- THE SABRE SERIES:Multi head embroidery machine

Workhorse Sabre series computerized screen printer is appropriate for any mid-size to the high-extent display screen printing industry.

The 14 ft. rotating screen printing device comes with 1-9 print rap functionality all contrived with a one-touch display panel.

You get actual-time production statistics, computerized Index Foot Pedal, 6-factor Registration device, the head and Rear Micro Registration, Foot Pedal head, and plenty more.


It comes up with an automatic foot pedal index, microprocessor, dual durometer, fully rotating box control, and missed platen feature. It works on 220 volts of voltage, 16 amp of current, e 50 60 HZ frequency. It’s far from 12 shade and 14 stations, touch screen printing devices with a print area of 20 X 20 pollici. The eight stations, electronic display printing devices each having dimensions of 16 X 22 pollici.


It has a foot pedal, control index system that makes it more reliable to use. The adjustable screen holders are the best quality of this machine series.

It can stack up to more than 16 colors at a time.


It occupies a larger space than other automatic machines and has some lagging faults in it.

3. Brown Electra-Print Automatic Textile Printer:

embroidery machine at home

Less consumption of electricity is the cause that makes these machines to run fast, easy and gives fewer expenses to the system.

The risk of airlines reduces, and valve contaminations also decrease. This machine is easy to handle and gives more printing consistency. It is a perfect automatic machine that not only auto starts but again auto shut down. It has a print mode on each side and also has flash ports on every side. If some slot is missing, then it has a T-shirt skip detector and can also count shirts.


It works on 240 V electrical power and 20 A current and some models also work on 120 V and 20 A of current. It has a high-speed motor, and a pod mounting system with speakers. The screen size is 23×31 cm, and the platen size is 16×24 cm.

This machine has ten stations and has six colors. Its weight is 2600.00 lbs.


It has a multitasking property that is the best quality any automatic machine can have. The speed is fantastic, and all we want to do is save time and do a lot of work in less time.

It needs significantly less maintenance and consumes very less electricity.


The structure is cumbersome and made up of steel so needs some healthy place for it. The machine is also quite noisy, and that’s also non-adjustable.


heat printing machine The Mophron heat press machine is basically 5 in 1 device that can print 5 T-shirts at one station, e può trasferire un disegno colorato su magliette e anche su molte superfici come i piatti di ceramica, tazze, bandiere, nylon, e piastrelle, eccetera. It has a multi-spring balancer that really works well for many shirts at a time.


Ha un 12 x macchina da stampa a caldo da 15 pollici, and it can control temperature unto

0-400F. È realizzato come un design oscillante e ha un cuscinetto in silicone rimovibile incluso. Il turno di controllo del tempo è 0-999 secondi.


Ha un design multifunzione 5 in 1, comoda maniglia, e 360 swings design.

Ha una piattaforma bassa staccabile e 4/5 inch of thick board for heating.


It is low-grade power coordinates and gives poor customer service.

5.Power Press Heat Machine:

pressa di potenzaThe power press machine is the shared space capturing device that works well for printing purposes. It works well with transferring heat to a system that is pro-quality of the machine. The heat giving property also gives your print out more long-lasting and is more efficient work.


It works on voltage 110 V and 1800 watt power. Its temperature ranges from 0-750F and the time scopes vary to 0-999 secondi. It takes 10 15 times to heat up, and the printing area is 15 x15.


It is easy to use and have a better and efficient temperature and heat range.

Comes up with high versatility and electronically controlled.

It is reliable and affordable.


Rear availability of the press machine and it starts to smell at few uses. Temperature range can be managed better.


Nowadays, the number of choices for cloth printing designs is increasing very fast. At now; the new options include screen printing, t-shirt printing, appliqué work, ricami, and the most popular and common Direct to clothe printing. So for that, the need for automatic printing machines is also varying to an extent.

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