Subscription Terms and conditions

Zdigitizing is providing three types of monthly subscriptions planes: “BASIC,” “STANDARD,” and “PREMIUM.” And also, you pay as you go.

General Term and Condition

  • You can upgrade/downgrade your subscription at any time.
  • No remaining design will be forwarded to next month.
  • You are liable to pay charges if the number of designs is more than your plan. Charges will same as describe on the pricing page.
  • Significant changes in design will be counted as a separate design, but minor changes like change color, file format, etc will remain in the same design.
  • You can get the discount mentioned on the pricing page for any monthly subscription plan, not eligible to apply any other discount coupon. In case our customer support team give you a special discount you can use it.
  • In case of no work, the subscription will be on hold after some time.

Design Limit

Every package has a specific number of design, in case of extra design, we charge per design. But don’t worry, We don’t charge a lot, we charge the lowest price. We always love and care for our customers.

Refund Policy: Other creators may not offer a refund policy due to the nature of digital products. But we provide a refund for solid reasons. your payment will be refunded if

  • The last payment is made within the previous seven days.
  • Don’t get any custom designs within the last week.

How to submit a file and receive the design?

   After purchasing a plan, you can send your image file to from your registered email address. Your design will be delivered to you as it is completed.

Pay As You Go


You can get a free quote of any design free of cost before going to place an order.


Due to the nature of this custom service, a little mistake in spelling or design might occur. Please be sure to check it out before final production and inform us if there is any mistake. We will be responsible for our mistakes and solve them until you are satisfied and no fee will be charged for this.

Design editing

Any type of little editing such as changing in design format, changing color, or anything else will always be free of cost. But the fee of significant editing will be determined by Zdigitizing.

Multiple sizes

You have to pay twice for multiple sizes because a design for two sizes has to be made twice.


Payments are processed through PayPal and stripe. So, you can pay through either PayPal or debit/credit cards. But if you have any difficulty in payment, then you can contact us. So, we can provide you an alternative way.

Changing in Prices

You will be informed when we are going to change our prices.

Design complexity

More complex designs and different sizes of logos may not be included in any custom offer. And some offers will be valid only for first-time order.

Order delivery

Machine embroidery format will be delivered after payment. But production worksheet will be delivered before payment. You can see your design in an actual visual form, which means how your design will look after production. Also, all other essential things can be seen from the production worksheet, such as the pattern of colors, stitches, size of the design, etc.

Design detail

Please be careful at the time of entering the details of the design. If you make a mistake then we will not be responsible for that. Please make sure you have entered the correct detail of the design before submission.

Design digitizing

Our professional digitizers perfectly digitize all designs. But make sure to review your design and check out that “have you gotten what you have ordered.” In case of any mistake, please contact us quickly.


Due to the nature of the digital product, other creators may not offer a refund policy. But we provide a refund for solid reasons such as with a picture of the design sew out. So, we could see what’s the reason that you are not getting a good result. We do our best until customer satisfaction.


Standard delivery takes 24 hours to deliver your design, while urgent delivery 1-4 hours after confirming the payment.