White Label Digitizing Services

It’s official!

You can now use our team to deliver your DIGITIZING services.

This page will walk you through all the fine print.

What white label services do you offer?

Embroidery digitizing and vector art services.

Our white label services handle the “back end” of your service, meaning we do not interact with your clients. If you would like us to sit in on meetings or explain certain deliverables to clients, we charge an hourly fee in addition to your base retainer.

Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing Services

Vector Art / Screen Printing

Vector Art Services

We will help your client’s to get more perfect design. Basic feature are givens

  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Fast Turnaround
  • 7/24 premium support
  • High Priority task

How does it work?

You own the work. All the deliverables can be modified to have your brand, fonts, etc.

Getting started is fast and simple, we can be up and running within the week:

  1. Schedule a consultation to chat with one of our consultants
  2. We put together a quote for each website you’d like us to work on
  3. We sign an agreement, payments are due up front each month
  4. Our teams meet for a kickoff call
  5. The work commences, we are always available to chat via Slack

At this current time, we are only accepting FULL BLUEPRINT members as a part of this program.

white lable

How much does it cost?

Each campaign is a little different because we quote each of our white label partners individually.

All of our costs are built on an hourly rate, as seen below.