How To Fix A Corrupt Embroidery Design File

Corrupt Embroidery Design: It happens mostly with us that error can occur in design due to Random error or Systematic error. Although we are taking preventive steps to avoid messing, we are human and make mistakes on our machine embroidery projects sometimes. And it can be SO FRUSTRATING. I want to throw away the object if something happens to me. But I found some ways to creatively correct sticking errors after a few years of listening to the pros.

In fact, in a group of members to which I belong, one woman has been boldly proclaimed to fix any mistake. It’s nice, but I don’t know about that. Besides, some cool, innovative solutions are available to fix a screw or embroidery design file.

Ways to Fix Embroidery Mistakes:corrupt embroidery design

  1. Back up your machine
  2. Rip out your stitches
  3. Cover the embroidery mistakes with a patch
  4. Cut out the errors with reverse applique
  5. Add a button or a bow or a rhinestone to hide a mistake
  6. Paint over the error with a permanent marker
  7. Add a few stitches by hand
  8. Make a new object (a piece of cloth) and replenish the embroidery
  9. Add a name or another detail to balance out the design

Let’s discuss with an example:

Corrupt embroidery design file, by selecting the object, we can change the angle of the object. You can change the object in any shape which you want. When you export a file in PES; you have to select the option “Convert stitches into object shapes (EMB Grade: C)” then click on ok. And now when you choose any object, i.e., you want to remove a curve from objects indicating the object, and by changing 2 to 3 – degree angle, by doing this, the curve line will disappear. Then digitize the object.

Tools Used to Fix corrupt Embroidery design:tools for embroidery

Depending on your personal choice or task, you use the tools very well. Some people think brother’s scissors perform best, while others opt for sharper surgical scissors. And while someone might prefer operating with a razor blade, someone else might think that a disposable razor is far more forgiving. The main thing that needs to be kept in mind is the fact that ripping is a delicate process. Be aware that sharper instruments need greater care than sluggish devices.

1) Using the same stitch-removing Techniques To Fix Corrupt Embroidery Design:

Selecting the right stitch style tool is your first move. A seam ribbon or strong pin typically works well for running stitches. A seam ripper, a heavy pin, or a Xacto knife is usually required for satin stitches. With a one-edged razor blade, a unilateral razor, or an electric stitch removal device fill stitches can be removed most effectively.

2)Electric stitch remover while working with knits:

A seam ripper or a knife blade fits well if you work with a knit that’s embroidered with a lot of fill. Sometimes the stitches are in the delicate knit, and when they are removed, you must be more careful.

 3) Restitching the Corrupt Embroidery Design:

 So, you see, you shouldn’t often bother to try to correct your embroidery errors. Remove the mistake and turn it into an innovative success!

Happy stitching, Everyone!



So, make sure you know what you are getting into before you purchase an embroidery machine and before you buy it look for every feature, pros, and cons so that you can work with it efficiently. In the situation of corrupt embroidery design file you have to understand the ways to  solve it.

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