Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine| Ultimate Guide​

Brother PE 535 Embroidery Machine Review

Brother PE535 embroidery machine mainly features a big-sized touch screen LCD that permits you to view, edit and preview embroidery design. It is the most reliable, rich in features, and affordable embroidery machine from the Brothers series.  A fashionable and portable embroidery machine with a metal body embellishes your wardrobe. This Article will tech you what you need to know … Read more

Brother Persona PRS100 Single Needle Embroidery Machine​

Brother Persona PRS100 Single Needle Embroidery Machine

This Brother Persona  PRS100 single needle embroidery machine can do everything a multi-needle embroidery machine could, possibly a lot more. Brother is a multi-needle machine manufacturing chief, and the brother  Persona PRS100 is their first single needle embroidery machine with multi-needle flexibility. Best Embroidery Digitizing Service Provider Company Brother Persona PRS100 embroidery machine: The Brother Persona  is the most powerful single needle embroidery … Read more

Ricoma Vs Melco Embroidery Machines Comparison| Full Guide​

Ricoma Vs Melco Embroidery Machines Comparison

To Compare Ricoma Vs Melco Embroidery Machines, First We Need To Know These Machines. here  are the basic differences between these Ricoma Vs Melco embroidery machines that help you to decide which one of these is best for your work. Ricoma Vs Melco Embroidery Machines Comaparison Ricoma embroidery machine Ricoma Embroidery Machine It is one of the top and … Read more

How To Combine Embroidery And Heat Printing?​

Embroidery And Heat Printing

Although the process of embroidery and heat printing makes dresses elegant and unique as time passes, people are making innovations in the equipment and the directions that have made heat printing more famous, common, and accessible to everyone else.  Printed equipment gives a unique look even in a crowd.  Adding some stone, embroidery, or mirror work will result in customers’ attention who have different tastes in … Read more

Why Does Top Thread Keep Breaking In Embroidery While Embroidering​

Why Does Top Thread Keep Breaking In Embroidery

To avoid Thread Keep Breaking in Embroidery,  A correct thread setting will provide you smooth sewing operations for good stitching, embroidery, and styling.  In the upper thread session and the lower thread session, various tensions are applied. One of the primary things for an embroiderer is learning how to handle a sewing machine and fix the thread correctly?  The improper threading … Read more

Brother Embroidery Machine Troubleshooting Tips You Need To Follow​

Brother Embroidery Machine Troubleshooting Tips

However, if you are familiar with some of the most frequent brother embroidery machine troubleshooting issues and how to handle them, you will be amazed at how quickly they may be resolved. Fortunately, many of these issues can be avoided with proper setup and maintenance of the system, but you have already had problems. You are looking forward to the beginning of your … Read more