Why Does Top Thread Keep Breaking in Embroidery While Embroidering


To avoid Thread Keep Breaking in Embroidery,  A correct thread setting will provide you smooth sewing operations for good stitching, embroidery, and styling. In the upper thread session and the lower thread session, various tensions are applied. One of the primary things for an embroiderer is learning how to handle a sewing machine and fix the thread correctly? The improper threading of the sewing machine might be one of the most common causes that top thread keeps breaking. Don’t worry; we’ll assist you in figuring it out. The following are some of the reasons why the top thread keeps breaking, as well as possible solutions:

The Tension of your thread is too High:

After checking that the upper thread is placed correctly, ensure the tension isn’t too tight. The top thread will not work correctly if there is an issue here. Examine the tension of the top strand and make necessary changes using the sewing machine’s nobs.

The Tension of your thread is too High
Improper Top Threading

Improper Top Threading:

If your top thread keeps breaking while sewing, it might be possible that it is not properly put in your sewing machine. By observing the string, you can ensure that the thread is properly placed. It will enable you to fix the source of the top thread breakage in the embroidery machine and ensure that the entire machine is inspected for any additional issues.

Damaged Needles:

Natural defects or deburring in sewing machine needles occur during manufacture. Before inserting a needle into your machine, you may come across one that is deformed or broken. It is not particularly common, but it does happen occasionally. Your automatic needle threader hook will not assemble appropriately if your needle is broken. So it may be the cause that top thread keeps breaking in sewing. Replace the needle with a new one.

Threads of poor Quality:

The quality of the upper thread is poor so that the upper thread keeps breaking. Due to age, the thread may have weakened to the point that it may break with mild pressure. As an expert maker, you may readily determine the thread’s quality by testing it with your hands and replacing it right away.

The bobbin case is filthy:

Your hook speed might be hung up if you have too much fuzz in your bobbin case, causing your thread to entangle, and as a result, the top thread keeps breaking in the embroidery machine. Clean your sewing machine on regular basis to ensure that it is in a good working position.

Here are some solutions for fixing this issue:

Knowing the reasons for the sewing top thread that keeps breaking is only helpful if you have some remedies. Following that, here are some suggestions for fixing your upper thread issues:

  • Make sure your thread route is clear. Ensure no stray threads or needles are blocking the thread route or causing the action to be disrupted.
  • Use the appropriate thread for the project you’re working on. Depending on what you’re stitching or embroidery, the thread thickness will alter.
  • Use the correct needle for the cloth and technique you’re working with. A smaller needle, for example, is required for thin or delicate materials, whereas a thicker needle is required for heavy fabrics.
  • Look for any cutaway pieces from past embroidery projects in your bobbin and case. Debris will untangle the bobbin thread.


The ideal approach to accomplish your sewing job is when your machine is at its finest. However, just because a sewing machine is an excellent instrument does not imply it is without faults and issues. You could have a problem with your sewing machine as top thread breaks in sewing.

It might be challenging to diagnose the problem, but you must do so. You may always take your machine to a professional to see if you cannot fix the problem yourself or follow these recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If your upper thread keep breaking, then first adjust the tension disc and replace the bent and blunt needles. These two major changes might solve your issue. If the problem continues, then use the thread that is appropriate to the size of the needle and clean the shuttle and bobbin case too.

If the thread keeps breaking, then you should check your needles whether they are bent or faulty, clean the bobbin case, adjust the tension disc, clean the throat plate, improve thread quality and keep checking the snags and knots in the thread to avoid thread breaking.

Search your tension regulating dial in the sewing machine, adjust the tension from that dial. Check the needle and thread type too to manage the problem occurring with the top thread.

Check the route, which should be clear and remove snags from threads to avoid thread-related problems. Change needles if they are faulty and adjust the tension disc to avoid top thread breaking.

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