How To Combine Embroidery And Heat Printing?


Although the process of embroidery and heat transfer printing makes dresses elegant and unique as time passes, people are making innovations in the equipment and the directions that have made heat printing more famous, common, and accessible to everyone else. Printed equipment gives a unique look even in a crowd.  Adding some stone, embroidery, or mirror work will result in customers’ attention who have different tastes in fashion.

Most customers like the embroidery and heat printing work combined on fabric which enhances the product’s charm. It’s very common from the old ages to add different popular things to get more profit, even in food, fashion, or for work purposes. The same method is applied here when companies notice the two most desirable and trending fashion trends in their products. The launch of a new product arrives in which both famous fashion trends are combined so that customers with both tastes can enjoy the product with some change.  

The new question which arises in everyone’s mind is “how to apply both methods to the product so that the product gives a nice and decent look rather than an overwhelming look?”.  Many professionals have different opinions, so many tests are made before launching the product, which comprises heat printing and embroidery work. For all this work, workers should be taught the skills to combine embroidery and heat printing.

Embroidery And Heat Printing Major Points

Here are some of the major points to apprise you of how to combine embroidery and heat printing?

  • The main thing is the equipment that you will use in this process is mainly an embroidery machine. If you don’t have an embroidery machine, then a sewing machine can help if it contains some special functions to sew and embroider by applying many techniques. If you love adornments on heat printing work, these kinds of projects are made for you.
  • A new advancement in work is adding a cutting machine to your workbench to ease cutting the fabrics that will heat press on the products.
  • Most customers buy t-shirts, bags, or caps containing heat press work with a little addition of embroidery work. So, here I will tell you the combination of heat printing with embroidery work.
  • For this purpose, first, hoop the t-shirt and place it in the machine. Now cut out the placement in the required shape, add adhesive to its back and then place it on the product. Assume that you are using a t-shirt; further steps will be taken considering the combination of heat press and embroidery. Set the direction and position the placement on the t-shirt.
  • Stitch the placement in the shape of your design, add an adhesive spray to the back of the design, and put it on placement.
  • They now made zigzag stitches on the corners to secure the design. Now the design is ready, cut out the extra placement sheet and clear the t-shirt.
  • Peel the carrier sheet and cover the design with a clear carrier sheet.
  • Set the temperature to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and in medium pressure for about 20 seconds, your heat printing is done, which will secure your required design.

Keep this in mind; you can heat press first and then add embroidery work if you are worried about the embroidery damage. Many users use vinyl to heat press the products, which is a different process.


Embroidery and heat printing are combined in a versatile, easy-to-learn method that enables clothing designers to be more innovative with placements, finishes, and applications that would be impossible with other decorating techniques. To decide whether embroidery with heat printing is the right option for the job, consider the cloth, piece, quantity, desired finish, and position requirements.

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