Ricoma Vs Melco Embroidery Machines Comparison

To Compare Ricoma Vs Melco Embroidery, First we need to know these machines:

Ricoma embroidery machine

Ricoma embroidery machine

It is one of the top and leading household and commercial embroidery machines that can give you quality work without making any compromise. It is a popular home embroidery machine as it has got everything you need or want for embroidery at home. It comes with four various sized hoops, a moveable stand, a hat attachment, 20,000 stock designs, and Ricoma’s incredible support. Although it is costly, it is best to meet your embroidery needs.

Melco embroidery machine

Melco embroidery machine

It is another computerized embroidery machine that is setting new standards in the industry. It is a 16 needle embroidery machine that offers professional support if you have a tight budget. It is best to provide appreciable and quality work at an attractive cost. It is designed well to meet all your embroidery demands. The auto-trim feature reduces the sew time and is reliable and durable.

How do they differ?

Melco Vs Ricoma:

Here l have broken down some major differences between the Ricoma embroidery machine and a comparable Melco embroidery machine by comparing both, which would boost your embroidery business. It would also help you in the decision making process, for which brand you should go with while making the purchase. Here you will find unbiased information and accurate facts about both embroidery machines so that you can easily make the best selection.

I have summarized the key differences between Melco and Ricoma into the following 5 points:

Computer support:

Ricoma does not need external computer support as it has a built-in computer system in the form of a touchscreen panel. This touchscreen panel acts like a mobile and features colour selection, one-step tracing, hoop selection and other embroidery settings. 

On the other hand, Melco needs a separate computer to control its whole functioning. Also, Ricoma is easily portable because of its inherent computer system. While on the other hand, Melco is challenging to transfer for it does not consider the built-in computer connection ease.

Modular System:

Another thing that creates a difference between Melco and Ricoma is their modular system. The Melco is a single-head embroidery machine, but it can be networked into a multi-head machine by configuring many single-head machines. This thing benefits in the way that if one of the heads stops working or goes down, the other continues to work, thus creating no interruption in the performance. 

Ricoma’s modular system comes with multi-heads having 30 multiple embroidery heads operating within the single machine.

Machine specs:

Melco embroidery machines provide auto tensioning, while Ricoma provides manual tensioning. No doubt some people love to have auto tensioning because it brings ease for them, while some complain about it since it makes them deprived of a lot of control that manual tensioning delivers. Moreover, commercial embroiders want to have more control over their embroidery with a tension knob.

Stitches per minute:

There is nothing more important than time because time is money. With automatic tension threads, Melco delivers 1500 stitches per minute, thereby saving time and increasing productivity. Ricoma can deliver 1000 stitches per minute at its max speed and without disturbing its actual quality-production.

Warranty support:

Melco and Ricoma can also be compared on a warranty basis. The Ricoma embroidery machine comes with a lifetime warranty while melco does not. It means that for Melco, you will have to pay for the extra support for your machine after the warranty expires. While for Ricoma, it is free for lifelong along with its seven-day after hour support.

These are the basic differences between these Melco and Ricoma embroidery machines that help you to decide which one of these is best for your work.

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