Making a delightful embroidered or stitched piece is genuinely crafted by a craftsman. In this fine art, threads are the sense of taste with which wonderful machine weaving and thread art are made. Furthermore, similarly as with paint, there are numerous kinds of threads, everyone with a specific use and impact. 

Once you start an embroidery business, you need to concentrate on what you are going to embroider next and with the stuff of threads, you will prefer. As choosing the right thread for your machine embroidery business; you need to consider the best quality thread for your machine. With quality, it is also considered to buy affordable threads. Such things are important for machine embroidery for a profitable business.

What will be the right thread for machine embroidery?

To ensure that what is the suitable and right thread for your machine embroidery we will discuss some threads and their characteristics.

Rayon:Machine Embroidery Thread

Due to high and reflective, sheen, and attractive colors, most of the buyers rely on the rayon thread. These are the most popular used embroidery threads whether for hand and machine purposes that are made from 100% viscose rayon. Rayon is the most preferred type you see in the market concerning its shades, durability, price, and versatility. Rayon is available in different sizes in the market and also refers to the best for push and pull of the machine embroidery. Rayon is available in two sizes; the standard one at 40wt and the thicker one is 30wt.


After rayon, Polyester is the next choice of most of the buyers as they are highly vibrant and synthetic threads in the market. These threads are bleach resistant and hard to fade that made these threads more valuable for machine embroidery purposes. They are strong as made from multiple filaments. 

The shape is kept triangular so they look more shiny and vibrant than rayon threads. The polyester threads are mostly used for children’s clothing and items as they are long-lasting and are made of 100% polyester material. These threads are easy to use especially for beginner embroiders.

Cotton:embroidery baking paper

The cotton threads are the most natural and soft threads to use for cross-stitch designs, red work, quilting, and bean stitch. These are not as popular as polyester and rayon threads are, because of their soft and little bit fragile texture. Instead of this, these are really useful threads for machine embroidery. These are considered as high quality and fine threads as they always give a fine and neat look when embroidered. They are usually seen in traditional dresses especially in Egyptian dresses. These threads don’t harm the delicate fibers and give a finer look to them. Cotton threads are usually 40wt to 50wt for machine embroidery.

Silk:Silk thread

Silk is the shiniest thread for machine embroidery.  These are mostly used in fancy and luxurious dresses and are considered costly threads in the market. The filament silk threads are made of many twisted strands. It is simply a good absorbent of dyes and named as an aristocrat in threads. 

These threads do not break when embroidering on dresses hence are highly stable. It’s an elastic, stable, strong, and fine thread. These threads are best for tailoring, decoration and to finish the buttonholes’ edges. Silk threads are available in multiple weights but the 30wt and 50wt are considered best for machine embroidery.

Wool:wool thread

Wool is not one of the popular types of thread for machine embroidery but in many countries, it is specially used for traditional dresses and items. The wool embroidery is a little heavier than other threads’ embroidery and it’s the most natural stuff of threads (obtained mostly from sheep and rams). The wool thread is used for sceneries, canvas, and decoration purposes.

Do we need to buy the cheapest threads?

Once you start a machine embroidery business, the first thing every buyer sees is, the thread is not too costly and meets the requirements for an affordable business keeping in mind the needs of the customer. Mostly customers demand affordable items so the Rayon and Polyester are always on top of customer choice and demands. The silk thread is much costly and used for luxurious dresses. Some cheapest brands of threads are Madeira, Sulky, and New brothers 63.

What quality and weight do they have?

Every time, when you see quality versus quantity standards you must prefer quality over quantity for machine embroidery. Do not buy old threads! And try to buy the most recommended threads in the market.

Most people don’t think of the weight of thread but is recommended to use the most suitable thread for machine embroidery. Usually, the weight is 30 to 50 wt weight is best for machine embroidery. So rayon, polyester, cotton, wool, and silk fulfill the requirements of machine embroidery.


For machine embroidery business, the choice of thread is very important to meet the requirements of a profitable business. High quality and cheap price is a great match that is not easily available in the market. But for an efficient embroidery business, every thick and thin is needed to keep in mind. The size, weight, and quality strands make your business a profitable and efficient way to earn success.

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