5 Best Embroidery Thread Brands


It is fundamental to avoid your machine from acting up and causing your migraines. But how will you get to know in case a machine embroidery string could be of high quality?

Selecting the right string for your embroidery machine is vital for choosing the best embroidery thread brands to develop a garment. To get the outcomes you want to have in your finished product, you have to get the right sort of thread. 

When purchasing the thread for your embroidery machine, are you feeling overpowered by the tremendous amount of choices available in the market? 

Choosing the best embroidery thread brands can be overwhelming when standing up to hundreds of distinctive options. This review will reply to these questions and helps you consider the leading machine embroidery threads brand also.



Madeira is an International embroidery thread brand, and it originates from the USA. Madeira incredible Thread contains a great variety of lively colors, great packaging, best for outdoor fabrics, and machine embroidery. It is scored highest in best Embroidery Thread brands, and for embroidery, Rayon is considered the best material by Madeira.


  • Madeira Rayon contains 80 shades of Madeira Rayon Embroidery Thread at 220 yards per spool.
  • It includes row after row of rayon embroidery thread.
  • It has a very different thread box that can be easily connected with the machine.
  • It’s easy to rearrange threads in the box. 
  • Each Thread Box contains further separation between thread colors, and on every subdivided box, shade and number of threads are also written.
  • Designs in CDs contain outdoor characters like flowers,  trees, woods, and cartoons, etc.


  • It is water-resistant.
  • It has massive color combinations.
  • The box is very comfortable to use with a machine.


  • It is quite costly as it is an international brand.
  • Many threads in half of the work break, which makes it harder to use when time is short.


The sulky slimline thread has a huge collection of beautiful colors that have different and unique shades. Its Original slimline box has up to 104 small spools, and its Universal slimline box contains up to 64 spools. Each spool is very exclusive and easy to use, and its Storage box gives you a reliable way to store the spools.


  • Little items can be embroidered without a stabilizer. 
  • It can easily make ready-made dresses embroider on the sleeves, shoulders, etc.
  • Bright and dynamic shades are available in this box.
  • It has 104 spools in the original box and 64 spools of embroidery thread on the universal box.
  • Your thread will never fall, even if the box is upside down.
  • All spools are noticeable and effectively open.


  • It is easily washable.
  • It will be sufficient for five years.
  • All threads have a huge variety of colors.
  • It is not too costly to buy.


  • Sulky silk thread collection is very intense to use sometimes.
  • It sometimes causes problems while embroidery works but not with all types of needles.


 This brand is like a local manufacturer, but not at least it has a wide range of colors, and the local industry is running well because these are used by home users,and fashion designers. The items are cheap and readily available at any range.


  • We can use all the threads on different machines and in the best-computerized sewing.
  • Every spool has a length of 550 yards, and the full set is of 40 colors.
  • The bro thread gives non-freaky threads that make it easier to use.
  • It is considered the Best embroidery thread for beginners.


  • It is entirely safe and more comfortable to use.
  • It remains untangled and non-breakable.
  • It has super and sheen colors.
  • It works across different brand machines.
  • It is cheap and entirely affordable.


  • Somehow, it causes problems while washing.
  • Try to not use bleach with these threads.


This Italian Company has become famous among domestic embroiderers nationwide over the past century. The most commonly used Floriani is famous for its vast range and is highly preferable because of its mobile apps and desktop software. It is highly sheen and tensile. 


  • Floriani Polyester Embroidery Thread has 1000m to 5000m cones.
  • Magnificent, high-sheen, and high tensile embroidery thread designs in thousands of colors.
  • A high strength, lubricated embroidery polyester thread will make excellent products and give attractive color and boost to your finished products. 
  • Floriani thread provides you an extraordinary resistance to chemical products and washing. 
  • This thread also works amazingly for machine quilting and decorative stitching.
  • It has 1100 yard lengths for threads.


  • No harmful chemicals are used in production.
  • Each of the raw materials is appropriately tested.
  • It is completely water-resistant.
  • All threads are internationally tested in laboratories.


  • The threads are waterproof, no doubt, but these are not sun-proof, as, after many washes due to sunlight, the color starts fading.


Mettler became famous for its high-quality and sheen embroidery threads that have been exported to above 100 countries. It has developed into a household identity. It has been popular in the wholesale business for the past 30 years.


  • It is available in 435 colors and comes in two varieties; the first is 220 yards, and 2nd is 875 yards.
  • Home users mostly use 220 yards, and industrial users by  875 yards.
  • It will give you perfection in your work.
  • They are a little elastic that makes them tense.
  • Best suited for overlocking, quilting, and embroidery dresses.
  • It is used for sportswear, hospital laundry, and work clothes because of its tensile strength.


  • It is highly elastic.
  • 50% more tensile strength for Rayon.
  • No effect of bleach and washing.


  • No color chart available for this brand’s thread.


The most remarkable thing about the best embroidery thread is the variety of materials used in making them. Each of the five strings mentioned in our review is the highest quality in the market.

 If you select one of these threads, you will be satisfied that you just will be getting an extraordinary item that will provide impressive results. The Madeira Embroidery thread is the most excellent thread that you can purchase since it comprises excellent quality threads and one of the ideal choices of colors available nowadays.

Hope it was helpful for you guys if there any question or you want to read more embroidery business related articles visit the blog

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