Machine Embroidery Stitch Types, How To Fix 7 Stitch Quality Problems

Machine Embroidery Stitch Types, How To Fix Stitch Quality Problem


Embroidery is the art of decorative and beautiful designs on the fabric, and these designs are made with multiple stitches by the embroidery machine. The embroidery designs must have a pre-planned sequence containing multiple jump stitches, underlay stitches, satin stitches, fill and outer edge stitches are used. These must be well known before doing embroidery work. Machine embroidery stitch types are a little bit confusing, and sometimes choosing the right stitch type can be a hassle for your project. By knowing the right stitch type, less time and thread trimming can be done.

What is Embroidery Stitch?

Machine Embroidery Stitch Types

Embroidery stitches, also termed embroidery sewings are one or multiple stitches to make designs on the fabric. Several machine embroidery stitch types are available, and each needle drop is considered the number of stitches for designs on fabric. If there are 500 stitches to be made on fabric, then 500 needles will be dropped on the fabric.

Basic Machine Embroidery Stitch Types:

There are a lot of machine embroidery stitch types already fed in the software. Here are some of the most used stitches given below:

Satin Stitch:

This stitch is also known as jump stitch, and it runs with a right-left-right-left rule. It is somehow the most used stitch among machine embroidery stitch types and neat and fine stitch work. It is best when you are embroidering a straight object of less than one cm in length.

Machine Embroidery Stitch Types
Machine Embroidery Stitch Types

Straight Stitch:

Straight or running stitch is basic of embroidery work, this kind of stitch will repeat the stitch line and can be greater in length and breadth. When you are going with a straight stitch, you may notice that single lines repeat and make the thicker lines. This technique is mainly used to make thicker designs like logos or monograms.

Fill Stitch:

Fill stitch or tatami stitch comprises lines from the straight or running stitch but kept close to cover the entire surface. In short fill, the stitch is the same as a straight stitch but with thicker designs. These are made so that stitches look at the woven design, and that’s why it is known as Tatami, which is a Japanese word with the meaning of woven mats.

Machine Embroidery Stitch Types

Bean Stitch:

Bean stitches are stitches back and forth between any two points and mostly used to outline the design. This gives a bolder and denser appearance than a straight stitch and requires fewer stitches than a satin stitch. Hence this stitch is considered important in all machine embroidery stitch types.

Zigzag Stitch:

Zigzag stitch somehow matches with satin stitch because of the left-right rule, but satin gives a straight line angle, and zigzag stitch gives an angle to angle design. It is mainly used for embroidering the edges of the fabric to protect the corners or enhance the look.

Machine Embroidery Stitch Types
Machine Embroidery Stitch Types

Underlay Stitches

It is also the most important one stitches among machine embroidery stitch types. Underlay stitches are being put down the design stitches. These have much fewer denser stitches made in the design and are placed in the opposite direction to the final stitches.   

Running Stitch/Walk Stitch:

Running stitch is among machine embroidery stitch types with a single stitch formed between two points. It is much like underlay or fill stitch and is used for outline work and giving details.


Machine embroidery work is neat and delicate artwork that has the ability to enchanter the product beauty. And stitches that make designs are the important thing to learn while embroidering the products. Among all machine embroidery stitch types, satin stitch is preferable as it fills areas and perfect stitch for medium and small-sized areas.


1)    Running Stitch

2)    Zigzag Stitch

3)    Satin Stitch

4)    Underlay Stitch

5)    Bean Stitch

6)    Fill Stitch

7)    Straight Stitch

Fill stitch designs is the design which is used to fill some parts of the embroidery design.

The Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine are considered best embroidery machines which can perform all types of embroidery designs.

Running stitch is also known as straight stitch, used to make filled designs like logos and monograms.

On an advanced sewing machine, stitch length is mostly kept 3mm long for every stitch.

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