5 Best home embroidery machines comparison

Choosing a home embroidery machine may directly concern the type of your requirements, and you also have to be very careful about what you choose, as not every home embroidery machine is enough to provide you with the required features.
To solve this little issue, we have presented 5 of the best home embroidery machines.

In this article we would be comparing:

  •        Baby lock Valiant
  •        Janome MB-7
  •        Brother Entrepreneur Pro X
  •        Ricoma EM-1010
  •        HM/D 1201-C

What we should look for in our home embroidery machine?

Before you go for any home embroidery machine, it is quite important that you know what are the features your machine provides you with?
And the possible way by which you will be able to conclude is the type of your project.

1. Wider design collection:

Make sure you know that your home embroidery machine is equipped with built-in designs; this especially becomes quite important when you have to deal with a big project. As eventually, you will run out of the designs, if your machine does not offer you an extensive design library, then possibly you might feel lost in the middle of your work.

2. Accessories and fitments:

Fitment of a home embroidery machine is another important thing that you should take under your consideration. Make sure your home embroidery machine comes along with proper hoops or the cap attachment.
If you would miss this, then probably you will have to purchase the cap hoop as a supplement, and it will cost you additionally, which is something you should totally avoid. If your machine includes the hoop, make sure you know how many hoops are included for you.

3. Cost of embroidery machine:

The price of an embroidery machine is also the most important thing, and it will definitely vary from one machine to another, and that is why you should be keen about what you buy.
The kind of embroidery machine that is suitable for you directly depends upon the type of work. if you are handling professional projects then you might need to have a multi-head embroidery machine, and as an industrial standard, each head should support 12 to 14 needles. But it will uplift the cost for you.
So, if you are initiating a home embroidery setup, then you can consider a single-head 6 to 10 needle set embroidery machine, not only it would suffice your requirements but also, it will reduce the cost for you.

So let’s begin the comparison:

Comparison of Multi-needle home embroidery machines


If you look at the price tag then you would find brother Entrepreneur Pro X and baby lock Valiant with the same price tag, both of these home embroidery machines come under the tag of $15,500.
On the other hand, Ricoma holds the price tag of $7995, Janome $9,999, and HM/D 1201-C is about $9,980.
Note: Prices are subjected to change as per manufacturers.


Needles in any embroidery machine holds its own unique importance, your requirement of work would be depending upon the needles your machine features. And of course more the needles, the faster the work.
But in a home embroidery machine, you might not require a lot of needles. So, it would vary from 6 to 12 and it should be sufficient for your work.
Ricoma EM-1010, Baby-lock Valiant, and the Brother Entrepreneur Pro X feature 10 needles set, Janome 7, while HM/D 1201-C offers you 12 needles, which is better and faster than other embroidery machines on our list.

Embroidery software:

This another vital thing, having an embroidery machine equipped with embroidery digitizing software is a plus, however; it is not necessary, as you can always outsource the embroidery work based on your requirement, which is a cheaper and quicker way to get your job done.
Most of the home embroidery machines are equipped with a light version of the embroidery software that gets you through normal digitizing requirements.
Ricoma EM1010 provides you with Wilcom Hatch, and if you choose Brother, it gives you the option of having BES4 Dream edition, Baby-Lock offers you IQ designer along with the machine, and HM/D gives you the wings digitizing software package with the machine.
However; Janome MB-7 does not come equipped with any embroidery software.

Embroidery designs:

As we mentioned earlier that design in any embroidery machine holds quite an importance. And you will eventually need it as you expand your work. So, it is a smarter move to go for a home embroidery machine that proposes you a lot of designs, or at least gives you a download option so you can download your favorite designs.
In this case, Ricoma EM1010 wins the contest as it offers you 20,000 designs, which is, of course, an ample library. And it would surely suit you for most of your requirements.
Baby lock offers you 120 built-in designs, brother is still somewhat better and gives you 699 designs, Janome MB-7 has 50 designs, and HM/D does not offer you any, however, it has an ample storage option that lets you store a wide variety of designs via USB.

SPM Speed:

These home embroidery machines are good as their stitches per minute are not less than 1000, except for the Janome MB-7 that gives us 800. And it is also not that bad for your home embroidery projects.
So, for most of your projects, they will get you through your day.

Additional features

Flat hoops:

Hoops can be really important as these are the actual frame through which your embroidery garment would be embroidered. So, considering a machine with hoops can be important.
And also it depends upon your requirements on how many hoops you would require. Ricoma, Baby-Lock, and Brother Entrepreneur give you 4 hoops options, whereas Janome 3 and HM/D have 2 hoops options.

Cap hoops:

In most cases embroidery machine companies enable us to have flat hoops, but what is a little uncommon, is the presence of cap hoops, as not every embroidery machine comes along with cap hoops. So, if you think it is important for your small business, then make sure your embroidery machine features this option.
In this case, Ricoma provides you with 1 cap hoop, and HM/D comes with 2 cap hoops. However; the other embroidery machines on our list do not offer you this additional feature.


Most of the embroidery machines come along with a stand, and that stand helps you out a lot with mobility and you can move your heavy embroidery machine anywhere easily.
But, this is an optional thing, you do not always get a stand with the machine and sometimes you have to purchase it extra.
However; Ricoma is the only embroidery machine on our list that provides you with the stand option.


The warranty of the embroidery machine ensures that the money you are spending would not be lost, and in case something goes wrong you can claim it back. That is why it is always safer to go along with the embroidery machine that has a warranty option available for you. The good part is that all of these embroidery machines come with a warranty and you can trust their quality.


Whenever you purchase something that is worth more than a thousand dollars, then it makes quite a sense that you look for the financing option. And it is even better if the embroidery company can offer you 0% financing, in which you can even shake off the interest rate. Ricoma and HM/D provide you with 0% Financing, but the other three on our list do not facilitate you with 0% financing.
So, always make a plan first and consider all the possible options for you before you go for any embroidery machine.

Cap attachment:

Cap attachment can be really important for your work, and if you do not want to spend some extra money on it later on then make sure you have your home embroidery machine already equipped with it.
Luckily we get to have the cap attachment with all of these home embroidery machines except the Janome MB-7, which does not facilitate you with this option.

Stitch Memory:

Stitch memory is another important, yet an additional thing to consider, it is on you how seriously you take this feature.
Ricoma offers you 20 million stitches storage, HM/D gives you 16 million, Baby-lock, and brother would give you 500,000 stitches storage memory, and in the case of Janome, you get a 10mb space that you can utilize to save as many stitches as it covers. So, of course, HM/D and Ricoma give you the significantly large capacity of storing stitches.

LCD screen:

It is another additional but important thing, if you like to work on a large field of LCD screen then you should choose it wisely. It comes to your personal preference.
So, Baby-Lock and brother offer you 10” inches wide display-screen whereas, Ricoma gives you a 7” HD display screen. That is quite good in contrast.
Janome MB has 5.7” inches and HM/D has 8” inches LCD, depending upon functionality you can choose whatever you are more comfortable with. But the good part is these entire machines feature a touch screen display that is not only highly capacitive but also nice to operate.