5 Best Free embroidery software

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In this article, we will discuss 5 Best and Free embroidery software that you can certainly use in your professional embroidery work. Choose the most suitable option for you.
Choosing the free embroidery software is not as easy as it might seem, because not every embroidery digitizing software provides you with all functionalities. so it might not be good for your embroidery business.
To solve this rather tricky problem, let us present 5 best free digitizing software.


My Editor by Wings XP

If you want to make use of a free embroidery software with agreeable features, then My Editor would surely concern you. With My Editor, you can have a nice viewing and editing experience. You can view actual thread colors and make required changes quite easily.
My Editor allows you to see your embroidery designs in a more authentic way. And for that, you can use Preview 3D mode.


Though My Editor is free edition software, yet this offers you many useful options such as:

  • Automatic embroidery file emailing
  • Copy-paste option to merge open designs
  • Array tools to produce stunning designs
  • Rotating and resizing

This is fully compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8.1, and 10. So if you guys are looking for free embroidery software with considerable features. Then this is something that would suit most of your requirements. My editor also supports a wide variety of formats.

What we can do:

  • Preview embroidery design in 3D mode
  • View actual thread colors
  • Resize and rotate the designs
  • Modifications with advance stitch editor
  • Enable automatic embroidery file emailing


Sew-What Pro

Sew-What – Pro is significantly adequate digitizing software. It has its own unique and nice features that keep it quite famous among the people who come across embroidery designs on a daily basis.
This free embroidery software provides you with an editable table that can be used to put an important project’s information.
Some of the exceptional features of Sew-What – Pro include graphic separation of different patterns; it also allows you to resize any pattern at the same density.
However this embroidery software is not completely free, but the good news is, you can use the trial version for 30 days, or 60.
And if you purchase this software it would be totally worth it.
This software can be used with the Windows operating system including XP and Vista. However; this application does not support Mac.

What we can do:

  • Read and write thread colours
  • Convert files from various sewing manufacturers
  • Edit useful Project’s information in the table
  • Graphic separation


TES Viewer

TES viewer embroidery software is among the good ones, it does offer you a lot of features, let us shed light over them. One of the best features of TES viewer is its Redraw design option, it has a sewing simulator that also allows you to customize viewing options, you can manually step through the stitches, and if you want you can even see the whole embroidery process at various speeds.

In some additional features, you can adjust the grid size, and you also get a tool “Protractor” which you can use to measure the size of the angle.
Another worth mentioning thing is its toggle hide-and-show stitch colour option, with this option you can customize the design. You can handle colour customization with both colour cards and the parameters of RGB.
Another major feature of TES Viewer is matching the size of the hoop. This definitely helps you out in selecting your required size of the hoop. You can match your hoops with the size of your design quite easily. Or even you can create your own hoops!
So, collectively you get a nice embroidery digitizing software that is also a good converter and file manager.
You can enjoy the creativity hidden behind this absolutely free embroidery software.

What we can do:

  • Watch embroidery process at different speeds
  • Manually step through stitches
  • Create your own hoop size
  • Change the display scale on TES Viewer screen
  • Show and hide the stitch colours
  • Adjust the grid size
  • Customize colours using RGB parameters and colour card



ARTsizer is a useful embroidery digitizing application. It has a lot of formats to convert to your embroidery files. However; it is not loaded with numerous tools, so you might feel a little lack of the options.
Still, there are different things that you can utilize it for. With ARTsizer you have the full control on how your design will appear on the screen. And if you are coming from the Wilcom embroidery studio background, then you will even find yourself familiar with Short-keys.
You can enable this application to have Needlepoints, and that helps you out in displaying the puncture points on the screen.

One of the best features of this application is that it holds many household machine formats including vp3 and ART, which are not quite common in free embroidery software. So, you can consider this as a dominant point.
Another cool feature is that you can move your design anywhere within the hoop, and not just in the centre. That allows you to work in a more flexible way. But there is also an option “automatic centring” that moves your design in the centre of the hoop. Depending upon how you want to work.
Another major thing is its Slow Redraw option; that is an effortless simulator that shows your embroidery work. You can enable Slow Redraw mode by disabling the realistic stitch mode.
Every application has its own unique and optional features, if you want to make use of a good converter as a free embroidery digitizing application, then ARTsizer is for you.

What we can do:

  • Slow Redraw option
  • Conversion of most embroidery files (including ART and vp3)
  • Automatic centering hoop
  • Manual hoop adjustment
  • Needles point
  • Preview realistic image in Artistic view


Wilcom Truesizer

No wonder you all have already heard about Wilcom application, it is one of the finest and most professional applications so far. If you have not heard about the free version of the Wilcom application yet, then let us shed light over Wilcom Truesizer. You can download this application from the official website, and the desktop version is recommended as it gives you more options.
The great thing about the Wilcom application is that it serves you as a good converter but also it is quite easy to use.

Some of the best features of Wilcom application involve the manipulation of the design file, the best things it offers are:

  • Vertical and horizontal mirroring
  • Mirroring by a reference line
  • Rotation by 45 degrees clockwise/anti-clockwise
  • Design transformation

In Wilcom applications you can display the stitches on-screen; moreover, you can even display the outlines of the design.
Displaying the puncture points of the stitches is another valuable thing to mention. In Wilcom Truesizer you can display vector and bitmap graphics in the native formats and that benefits you a lot for the editable designs.

However; you should definitely not compare it to a fully-functional version of the Wilcom application that comes paid, as this version of Truesizer would only offer you limited functionality.
And you might not be able to keep up with some advanced features such as combining several designs together. But, still, if you are considering free digitizing software to try limited functionality with powerful design manipulation features then Wilcom would not let you down. And also this application is quite light, so it will not slow down your digitizing process.

What we can do:

  • Display stitches on screen
  • Wide variety of design manipulation
  • Displaying point of puncture stitches
  • Display bitmap and vector graphics
  • Applique fabric option
  • Display the outline of the object


It is important to keep in mind that these free embroidery software packages do not come equipped with fully functional and loaded with all the tools you need for your professional embroidery digitizing.
However; you can still get the basic embroidery functions by the free embroidery software. But at some point, if you’re running an embroidery business you will definitely rely on professional tools such as:

  • wilcom embroidery studio
  • embrilliance
  • hatch embroidery
  • brother embroidery software

which are paid and we have published an article called “5 best embroidery software”. which is really useful to check out before buying professional embroidery digitizing software.


Better alternative option than choosing embroidery software:

Wait, embroidery software is an optional and not compulsory thing for embroidery machines to follow. Yes, there is a better option, which is called outsourcing.
If you don’t want to spend your money & time to learn the software. Then outsourcing embroidery digitizing work is the only way to fast track the working process & get work done.
The best part is that you can try ZDigitizing for free.
Hope it will be helpful for you guys!

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