Truesizer | An overview of Wilcom embroidery studio

Wilcom embroidery studio Truesizer software is one of the renowned embroidery applications that have a great impact on the embroidery field. You can also use wilcom truesizer free version with limited features.

One of the best things about Wilcom Truesizer is that you can easily access almost every tool whether you use the desktop version or use it on MAC or iPad. This adds to its productivity and keeps the embroidery designers quite easy to use it.


According to embroidery professional designers Wilcom embroidery studio truesizer is their most favorite application in terms of viewing, sizing the design and converting the files.

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Viewing and Sizing the design:

Right after you import your design into truesizer, you can have a complete overview of your design’s properties.

Under the design properties window you can find many useful options such as:

  •    Summary
  •     Design
  •     Thread colors
  •     Stitching

You can get to know a lot about your imported wilcom truesizer file formats design file that includes width and height, number of stitches, number of stops, color summary and a lot more.

You can have an Extra-large view of thumbnail which is a new and useful option, and it gives you a nice explorer view.

truesizer allows users to efficiently resize and adjust the scaling but only upto 1 inch, resizing more than an inch can affect the quality. 

File formats:

Another best thing about this free embroidery software is the availability of numerous file formats, so you can literally convert your design to any machine embroidery file format without any headache. 

Click on File and from the menu bar select Export Machine File.

Export Machine File Shift + E

From the appeared dialogue box click on the drop-down menu list to search through your desired Machine file format, and save it.

And that is how easily you can export your design into your required machine file format.

If you want to know more about how to convert an embroidery file for free without installing wilcom truesizer then just head over to watch our previously published video. link mentioned in the description for your ease.

Stitch Player:

Wilcom embroidery truesizer e4 has a lot of shades to keep you up with your digitized designing. One of the best features of truesizer e4 is its Stitch player option.

It allows you to review your designs, and it also eliminates the risk of mistakes for the final machine embroidering.

Click on View and from the menu-bar select Stitch Player option or you can also use a shortcut key Shift + R to get into the Stitch player mode.

Stitch player Shift + R
How to remove design background

After clicking on Stitch Player, it will take you into a player mode and now you will see how your design would run on the machine. You can also control the movement of your stitch player from the above located player buttons such as; increasing the speed of stitch player.

Production worksheet:

Another best feature is that you can print PDF approval sheets with the job details and can also send them via email to your clients for their approval. This can be done by sending the email from within or outside of the application according to what suits you the best.

Also, to have an overview of your file, just click on the print preview icon, it can print design summary with thread colors detail.

Save Design as Image File:

In Wilcom embroidery studio truesizer you can save and export your required design file as a separate image file, truesizer allows you to Save the True View image. also you can capture the design bitmap dialogue with options.

Just simply click on File and from the drop-down menu select Capture Design Bitmap, a dialogue box will appear, check the view option if you require the background.

Click on the OK button to save your file, a save dialogue box will appear and you can also change the file type to JPEG from Bitmap.

Name your file and save it.


To summarize it up with a few points, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say:

It offers

  •          Enhanced way of displaying designs
  •          Display of multi decoration EMB designs
  •          Produces productive and improved worksheets
  •          Stitch player
  •           Conversion of various file formats
  •           Better design manipulation

truesizer Pro:

Although we know that the truesizer free version gives us a wide variety of options and stunning features, still we can look forward to more advanced options that truesizer Pro promises to add.

Some of the advanced features we can have in pro version are:

  •     Opening and saving e4.2 .EMB designs
  •     Creating and saving multiple colour-ways in .EMB and other file formats
  •     Matching the thread to color slots in the colour-way
  •     Viewing the designs in adjustable hoops
  •     Customized size and placement in more than 50 templates
  •     Creation of custom approval sheets

Enhanced product visualizer:

The new version of Truesizer allows us to visualize the product in a more enhanced way, the product visualizer creates mock-ups of different designs on high-quality garment images in the desired color.

With enhanced product visualizer you get to have a decent collection of high resolution predefined generic products and you can definitely add your own customized images for your product.

It gives you every feature that you require as an embroidery designer. also, it has a wide variety of different file formats that include object-based files, commercial, and home stitch files.

You can get this version for about 60$ to 99$, which is absolutely worth it.

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