5 best embroidery machines + Bonus

Choosing the best embroidery machine for the embroidery business could be really challenging. But you don’t have to worry about it. We have made it really easy for you to choose the best embroidery machine for your embroidery business.


Ricoma embroidery machine

Ricoma embroidery machine

The Brand Ricoma is dedicated to providing its users with most professional and commercial embroidery machines.

Just like other embroidery machines, Ricoma has taken control over their best embroidery machines and they manufacture best single and Multi-head embroidery machines.

The best thing about the ricoma embroidery machine is its durability and speed. You can even carry out most commercial projects with reasonable speed, due to which Ricoma has gained significant popularity within the embroidery industry.

Moreover, they provide you with outstanding editing features by which you can customize your design. Let us take a look at one of Ricoma’s embroidery machines.

Talking about a single head model 1501-TC by Ricoma. It is a commercial and bestselling model, you can easily work on, denim, caps, bags, and a lot more.

1501-TC is a 15 needles set machine that even features a cap attachment option for you, this increases the proficiency to work in a professional way.

Another fine thing about the Ricoma 1501-TC is that it features an HD 7” inches touch-screen panel which is quite easy to use, it features right thumb operation to approach the options. The screen panel also adds a one-step tracing button on the home screen so you can easily access it. 1501-TC has memory to hold about 20million stitches and 200 designs. You can even create customized lettering. In short 1501-TC is the best embroidery machine for custom designs.

You also get to have a heavy-duty steel stand to support your best embroidery machine, and also it ensures easy mobility due to quality supporting wheels. The machine provides you with 1200 Stitches per minute and 11 hoops. And the net weight of the machine is 90kg.

Key features:

  •        15 needle set
  •        1200 SPM
  •        11 hoops
  •        7” inches high-definition touch screen panel
  •        20million stitches storage
  •        200 design capacity
  •        Automatic thread trimmer
  •        Reads multiple design file such as DSB and DST
  •        Heavy-duty steel stand included
  •        Motor consumption 150W
  •        One-step tracing button
  •        Net weight 90kg

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Brother embroidery machine

best embroidery machine

As embroiderers, we may have seen the capabilities of Brother embroidery machines, and we know that they do not lag behind to offer useful features.

Even If you want to establish your embroidery set up as a beginner, then the very next idea that strikes us is considering a brother best embroidery machine, as it is quite easy to learn and use it.

Let us shed light on one of their best models that you can even utilize as a commercial embroidery setup.

Brother entrepreneur Pro PR1000e is definitely a worth mentioning model, it features 10 needles set along with various enhanced features. Moreover, this embroidery machine gives you up to 1000 stitches per minute.

Brother PR1000e features an advanced super view High-Definition LCD panel that is capable of showing 16.7 million colours. That gives so much clearer than the previous models. The LCD panel is pretty robust and even allows you to adjust brightness, watch tutorials, give you the best viewing angles, and a lot more.

Another leading thing about Brother PR1000e is the best colour selection system, it features the Innova Chrome LED thread colour system, which is more accurate and enhanced in the PR1000e model. It not only ensures to match the colour thread by virtual foolproof method, but also the LEDs indicate if there is something wrong such as broken thread, so they also work as a visual status system.

Another premier feature of this embroidery machine is to link itself to other embroidery machines using the computer, and also it has the storage capacity to store about 500,000 stitches, along with that it offers you 110 exclusive brother embroidery designs.

Some extra features of this embroidery machine are:

  • 10 frame designs
  • 3 monogram font styles
  • 300 colours in colour palette option
  • 28 adjustable lettering fonts

No doubt it would be one of your best embroidery machines for business and professional use, that you can utilize to carry out most complex tasks.

Key features:

  • 10 needles set
  • 1000 SPM
  • High-Definition LCD panel (16.7 million colors)
  • 500,00 stitches storage capacity
  • 5 LED lights
  • 3 USB ports
  • Snowman embroidery positioning marker
  • Design preview before sewing
  • Automatic needle threading
  • weight 92lbs


HAPPY embroidery machine

Putting forth another best embroidery machine, the HAPPY embroidery machine is also from Japan. It is an easy-to-use machine. They are known to manufacture the best single and multi-head embroidery machines.

HAPPY embroidery machine also has its own department of accessories and that makes it quite easy to replace and purchase the part of the embroidery machine. Also, you would not have to worry about the build quality of your machine.

And if you are a beginner in the embroidery field, then the HAPPY brand would be suitable for you, not only their machines are easy to use, but also they produce numerous tutorials and classes to get you through!

Let us talk about one of the embroidery machines by HAPPY. One of the worth mentioning embroidery machines by HAPPY is the voyager-1 Head best embroidery machine.

It is a commercial compact machine; it features a heavy-duty drive system and motors that enhance productivity and speed.

Another finest thing about the machine is it offers you a 7” inches touch-screen panel, so you can easily access and operate through several controls.

With this model, you get to have a large square hoop of 12.5” 12.5” and round hoop 5.9” inches.

This machine features 100 stock designs and 12 built-in fonts, and definitely this is not just it, you also get the one-touch frame out option for easy appliqué, easy design trace, auto error correction for most common errors.

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And on top of it, the design memory can store 40 million stitches, and about 999 designs, which is absolutely worth it.

Key features:

  •        12 needle set
  •        100 stock designs; 12 built-in fonts
  •        Square hoop size 12.5” x 12.5” inches
  •        Round hoop size 5.9” inches
  •        7” inches touch screen panel
  •        Auto error correction
  •        Easy design trace
  •        40million stitches storage memory
  •        999 designs storage memory
  •        1000 SPM on flat, 850 on the cap
  •        Weight 88lbs 


Barudan embroidery machine

Barudan is no doubt an eminent brand that has been serving in the embroidery field since 1985 and being in the field for such a long time has made Barudan, to produce quality commercial embroidery machines for quilters, seamstresses, crafters and more.

In around 1959 they manufactured their first best embroidery machine, and it has been quite successful, another appreciable thing about Barudan embroidery machine is that it is quite easy to learn and use.

Let us shed light on one of their best embroidery machines C01 BEKT- S1501Cll.

C01 ll is one of the most robust and powerful single head machines, you can definitely rely on it concerning your professional projects.

It offers you about 1300 SPM (Stitches Per Minute) on the flats, and about 900 to 1000 SPM on caps. It offers you a large working field of 450x 520mm.

You can even enable the machine for your LAN connectivity for networking.

It is one of the most professional machines, and it comes in bridge-style, and the idea is to provide you with enough room for your various projects. You can deal with any fabric type, whether it may be heavy jackets, horse blankets, or some heavy canvas fabric. You would not find a hard time dealing with anything.

Barudan American C01 ll offers you 15 needles set with a positive needle drive technique that ensures to carry out the project in a professional and swift manner.

Key features:

  •        15 needles set
  •        The working field of 450x 520mm
  •        1300 SPM for flats
  •        1000 SPM for caps
  •        Bridge-styled (enough room for several projects)
  •        LAN connectivity for networking
  •        Positive needle drive technique
  •        3 AC motors for enhanced speed


Tajima embroidery machine

Presenting our last but definitely not the least embroidery machine, Tajima is one of the renowned brands, and if you are looking for a commercial embroidery machine. Then you would surely like to consider Tajima as your best embroidery machine.

Tajima is a manufacturer from Japan and they have been producing commercial embroidery machines for a very long time.

The company Tajima is thoroughly prominent for producing multi-needle embroidery machines.

Let us take a look at one of their best embroidery machine TMEZ-SC series. This is quite innovative and this machine provides you with manual tension thread adjustment-free experience. With this embroidery machine, you don’t have to adjust the tension of thread manually, which makes it quite innovative. The feature is known as iTM (intelligent Thread Management)

 You can even adjust the upper thread tension by the operational panel according to your requirements.

Another premier thing about the machine is that it has the capability of detecting the thickness of the fabric; it helps the machine to determine the next step to carry out automatic embroidery.

The iTM feature in TMEZ-SC series also ensures to minimize fabric shrinkage, specifically on elastic material. And in embroidery field fluttering is also a common issue, it can cause miss-trimming, skip stitching, and even the quality might be compromised.

Tajima features DCP (Digitally Controlled Presser-Foot) for fabric stability. And it can be adjusted according to the thickness of fabric by using an operational panel. It minimizes the creases and the fabric to pull up while stitching and it increases productivity. Moreover, this machine also gives you an LED light option to increase your workability.

Key features:

  •        Durable and quality build
  •        Weight 95KG
  •        Power consumption 160W
  •        1200RPM
  •        LED light
  •        DCP enabled
  •        Intelligent thread management
  •    Auto-mode for automatic embroidery

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