2 Best Tajima Embroidery Machines Comparisons


TMBP-SC series

Tajima Embroidery Machines TMBP-SC series:

If you are considering the least cost-effective Tajima embroidery machine, then the Tajima TMBP-SC series would be quite suitable for you. It is not only affordable compared to other machines, but also it is a high-performance machine. Tajima Embroidery Machines are easy to use.

This single head successor tajima embroidery machine features a wide area that can be used all around the frame, the installation of this machine is quite easy and that is an additional plus point.

TMBP-SC series is best known to embroider thin socks and enamel bags.

Slim Cylinder Bed:

tajima embroidery machines

TMBP-SC series is one of the best models to cover the tabular products such as sleeves of shirts, pockets, etc.

 It features the slim cylinder bed due to which the product range has increased considerably.

And you can carry out your most professional tasks. Moreover, the rotational speed has also increased to 1000rpm. Slim Cylinder Bed is one of the most important features of Tajima embroidery machines.

Streamlined Cubical Frame Design:

Now you do not have to worry about the size of the item that you want to embroider. TMBP-SC relocates the frame drive to the uppermost position. And this widens the space for the tajima embroidery machine operating field.

So, you can embroider anything without being worried about the size of the item or the embroidery position.

Under thread winder:

Another cool feature of this series is that it offers you under thread winder.

That means you can utilize your embroidery machine to automatically wind the bobbin thread on the bobbin.

So, now say bye to manual winding.  These features help you save time and also reduce extra effort. Which offers by Tajima embroidery machines especially in the TMBP-SC series.


  • Model TMBP-SC series
  • Needles set 6, 12, 15
  • Revolution Max 1200rpm
  • Power consumption 190Watt
  • Weight 95Kg
  • Power supply 100 to 120 Volts and 200 to 240 Volts

Frame Sizes:

  • Border frame 360 x 500
  • Wide cap frame 75 x 360
  • Semi-wide cap frame 83 x 180
  • Tubular frame 360 x 500
  • Pocket frame 65 x 100 | 100 x 75
  • Table Size 765 x 870

TMBR-SC Series:


If you want a high spec tajima embroidery machine model that is equipped with DCP (Digitally Controlled Presser-foot) then it would surely be a TMBR-SC Series. DCP is a fascinating feature that ensures to minimize the fluttering of fabric, and also it stabilizes the embroidery work.

So with DCP, you get to have better work on every type of fabric such as; leather and different folds. Moreover; it also has a multi-coding device option using the DCP feature; let us see some of the best features of the TMBR-SC series in Tajima Embroidery Machines.

18 color models:

One of the best things about 18 color models is that it has the capability of reducing the thread color replacement. It offers you a variety of expressions.

You can have thread replacement by having 18 color possibilities in advance, this adds to your wide range of expressions and by the color graduation and thread combination.

Digitally controlled presser foot:


Another best feature of the TMBR-SC series is its DCP option. This definitely gives you high-spec capability and secure fabric stability.

If you are working with the thick fabric type then there are more chances of fabric fluttering issues, and in most cases, the needle moves up and it causes skip-stitches and misses trimming. And that affects the whole quality of the project.

But thanks to this advanced DCP feature, that ensures that your fabric does not have any fluttering problem by amplifying the mechanical process.

Moreover; you can also set the DCP randomly according to the fabric requirement. So, the fabric will not lift up during the embroidery process.DCP is the most important feature offered by Tajima embroidery machines.

Position Adjustment:

Finally the last but not the least function of TMBR-SC series is the embroidery position adjustment function. It is the best feature and comes in handy while flowing with embroidery work.

Position adjustment aligns the embroidery line with the product. And if in any case tilt shows up, you can fix it right away by correcting the tilt of embroidery through the control panel. This feature is quite useful to deal with finished products. Tajima Embroidery Machines are most useful especially TMBR-SC Series.


  • Number of Needles 6, 12, 15, 18
  • Revolution max 1200rpm
  • Weight 95Kg
  • Power consumption 160Watts
  • Power supply single phase 100 to 120 Volts, 200 to 240 Volts

Frame sizes:

  • Border frame 360 x 500
  • Wild cap frame 75 x 360
  • Cap frame 83 x 180
  • Tubular frame 360 x 500
  • Pocket frame 65 x 100 | 100 x 75
  • Table size 765 x 870

These were some of the best features of both TMBP-SC and TMBR-SC series. These both machines are best Tajima Embroidery machines.

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