3 Best Commercial Embroidery Machine Comparison | Ricoma VS Tajima VS SWF

Commercial Embroidery Machine Comparison | Ricoma VS Tajima VS SWF:

If you want to expand your embroidery business then probably you would want to move from single-head to multi-head commercial embroidery machines.

A multi-head commercial embroidery machine is robust and faster, which is why if you are a growing business then sooner or later you would require a multi-head commercial embroidery machine.

When you start with an embroidery machine, the first thing you notice is how large is the sewing field area, because if you have to cover all of your projects then you should buy a machine that gives you ample space.

Commercial Embroidery Machine

Financing is the second most important thing because investing in an embroidery machine would cost you thousands of dollars.

So it is a wiser move to go with an embroidery machine that offers you affordable low monthly financing.That way you can avoid big upfront costs and can save your business money for the production work.

Attachment is another important thing that you need to consider before you purchase your embroidery machine, you need to know if it includes hoops, cap attachments, and hoops at no additional costs.

Let us get into the specification of our top 3 embroidery machines.

These embroidery machines feature 3 heads and 15 needles.

If you take a look at multi-head commercial embroidery machine then, in most of them you would find 12 to 15 needles set.

Stitch Memory:

Stitch memory is quite important as you would want to keep track of your designs into your embroidery machine, and not having sufficient storage memory would make you free up some space and you would have to delete some of your designs from the memory to install new designs, and this is not an ideal solution.

As far as the design is concerned; Ricoma offers you a 50-million stitch memory. Tajima offers 2 million stitches, and SWF holds 4-million stitch memories.

Use of digitizing software:

Next comes the digitizing software, now this is an important topic to cover, being an embroidery business owner having a fully functional digitizing software is not really necessary, you could require normal editing digitizing application, and you can always outsource digitizing services, about 80% of people outsource their digitizing work, and this not only saves their time but also it is cheaper.

You can get your digitizing work done from $5 to $10 dollars, and if you plan to do it in-house it might take hours which is not efficient for your business.Ricoma,tajima and SWF all these brands use this feature.

  • Ricoma commercial embroidery machine use chroma digitizing software.
  • Tajima commercial embroidery machine use Tajima DG16 by pulse embroidery software.
  • SWF commercial embroidery machine use Intelligent Digitizing Software (IDS) .

Cap Attachment:

Next comes the cap attachment, now you would want the cap attachment to be included in your embroidery machine package but this does not always happen.

In this case, Ricoma is the only lead that provides us with cap attachment, and SWF and Tajima do not.

However; not everyone has to have embroidery caps, and in that case, you can go for an embroidery machine that does not include cap attachment.

 Size of Embroidery Area:

The embroidery area is another important thing that you do not want to neglect, all of your projects would always stay on your embroidery field.

So it is better to have a large embroidery field so you can carry out your projects in a nice way. Ricoma and SWF offer you a 400mm x 450mm embroidery field area, whereas Tajima has 451mm x 362mm.


In this case, Ricoma gives you 60 hoops and a sash frame, Tajima offers you 60 hoops, and SWF does not have any hoops included in the package.

And as far as the cap hoops are concerned, Ricoma offers you 12 cap hoops. Tajima gives you 12 cap hoops at additional charges, and SWF does not include cap hoops with the package.

Training is another important factor as not every person comes from a professional embroidery background, which is why it is vital to consider embroidery machines that offer you decent training. And the good news is that all of these embroidery machines offer training.

 Touch screen LCD:

Touch screen LCD is important for every embroidery machine, it not only gives you many options to navigate through but also gives you a clear view to monitoring your work. And that is why if you want to work comprehensively than you require a better LCD reception.

Ricoma and SWF provide you with a considerably large LCD touch screen that is 10.4” inches, and Tajima has 6.5” inches LCD screen.


The next important thing is the warranty after you have purchased your embroidery machine. Warranty would be the only thing you would be worried about.

Not having a proper warranty would make it look suspicious and also if something goes wrong you would not be able to claim it.

Thanks to these top 3 embroidery machines that come along with a decent warranty package, Ricoma offers you 5 years of warranty, Tajima 2 years. And SWF leads with a 7 years warranty.

Warranty types also differ, for Ricoma they offer a 1-year warranty for parts and labor, and you get a three years warranty for electronic parts and five years for the components.


Last but not least, financing is the most important thing, and most people would not even begin with the purchase if they could not find suitable financing options.

When it comes to buying an expensive embroidery machine, financing comes in handy, and if you could get an as decent option as 0% financing then it would not only eliminate upfront cost but also it will shake off the heavy interest rate, which is a perfect solution for business.

However; Ricoma is the only embroidery machine on our list that leads with a 0% financing option.


So, make sure you know what you are getting into before you purchase an embroidery machine and before you buy it look for every feature, pros, and cons so that you can work with it efficiently.

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