5 Best Embroidery Software in 2022

In this article we are going to show you five of the best embroidery software that you can utilize for your core embroidery work, we will discuss their pros and cons and their features.

Best embroidery software you must need to follow for embroidery digitizing

Brother PE-Design 11 Embroidery software

Brother PE-Design 11 is worth mentioning and one of the best embroidery software for those who want to turn their own vector graphics such as, use the brother embroidery software for favourite photos and paintings into digitized embroidery.

Brother PE 11 has many features to help you out in doing so, it features, Flip-Pal scanner option that lets you scan whatever you want to convert into digitized embroidery.

It scans your photos and converts it into digitized designs . 

Brother PE 11 design offers you many editing features, and also it has more than 130 built-in fonts with filter, more than enough in single embroidery software.. wow

Brother PE 11 offers you an extensive library of built-in designs, that is 1000, you would not run out of designs any sooner.

Moreover, it offers you the auto digitizing option, which is helpful for basic designs.

Brother PE 11 ensures you get Advance layout and editing features, one of the best things about this design is that you get to have a preview before you get into stitching. 

So, Brother PE 11 is a complete package embroidery software, they have enhanced and added a lot of features to keep the digitizer comfortable and that is a pretty appreciable effort by Brother.


  • Auto digitizing enabled
  • Improved user interface
  • Easy layout
  • More than 130 built-in fonts to use with filter
  • 1000  built-in designs
  • See a preview before stitching
  • Easy conversion of images
  • Mobile palm scanner


  • Little costly
  • difficult to learn for most people

Number #4

Hatch by wilcom

Hatch by Wilcom

Hatch Embroidery personalizer is a best embroidery software to work with core level embroidery, it offers you to choose from about 60 different digitized fonts and about 80 monograms templates that you can use in your embroidery.

One of the best things that can excite any embroidery designer is that despite being this fully functional and loaded with features, this embroidery software is quite easy to learn and handle.

The latest version of this software features; photo flash, Red-Work, Photo-Stitch and many more. With hatch embroidery, you get to have over 100 fonts to work with.

However this embroidery software is not freeware, you have to purchase it in order to feel full control in your hands, but still, you can enjoy the free trial version of 30 days, that gives you a lot of options to create stunning embroidery designs.

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The best part of Hatch embroidery software is that whether you are a professional expert or a beginner you can get your hands on it and start to explore it.

Supported Formats: almost all machine formats are supported.Compatibility: Mac and windowsExtra features: lettering art, alignment option, lettering baseline, layout, reshaping, and auto digitizing.Best For: home users for designing and editing.


  • Best for both beginners and experts
  • Wide variety of tools available
  • Easy to learn
  • Free trial


  • Expensive than other embroidery software

Number #3

Embird Embroidery Studio


Embird embroidery studio is the embroidery software of fame, and this has been being used for a long time, especially among the professionals, who have to deal with specific tools such as resizing designs, splitting in order to have large stitching designs in small hoops and you can even see your sewing designs in 3D mode.

Also, Embird Embroidery studio is quite famous for carrying out basic tasks swiftly and easily, such as putting mirroring effect, rotation and flip, you can use Embird studio in two different modes that is Manager and Editor Modes respectively.

Embird Embroidery studio is fully loaded and functional with various plug-ins that provide you full control over your cross stitch designing, digitizing, lettering and much more.

If you are looking for full functional best Embroidery software then it is one of the best embroidery software indeed.

Embird Embroidery studio is compatible with both MAC and Windows.

All formats supported Compatibility: Mac and windowsExtra features: freehand splitting, automatic splitting, resize and density adjustment, rotation and skews of designs.Best for: digitizing custom designs


  •     Allows altering the stitch order
  •     Best colour management and variety
  •     Supports amazon and Azure cloud storage
  •     Can preview in 3D mode


  •        Takes time in installation

Number #2

Embrilliance Essentials


Embrilliance Essential can work with both Mac and Windows, and also it has a flexible range of being used on different embroidery machines, which is something that makes it different from many embroidery software.

Embrilliance Essential has no limit to be installed on various systems that gives every user good flexibility, along with that you get to have a list of scalable embroidery fonts that makes it one of the professional embroidery digitizing software.

You can get Embrilliance Essential free as a demo but to get it fully functional and for the proper use you must purchase it.

Embrilliance Essential is best for text enlargement, spiral text and custom digitizing.

Embrilliance Essential is also very considerable in providing you colourizing of embroidery designs, besides it helps you with stitch recalculation. 

So if you are looking for professional embroidery software for embroidery digitizing, you should try.

Supported Formats: all machine embroidery formats are supportedCompatibility: Windows and MACBest For: monograms, designing and editing.Extra features: Spiral text, text enlargement, design reshaping


  • It works with both MAC and Windows
  • Very easy to use


  • Price is high

Number #1

Wilcom Embroidery Studio Designing


Wilcom Embroidery Studio is one of the renowned & leading applications, and the amount of tools and features available in Wilcom provides you with everything you can think of doing in professional embroidery.

Wilcom embroidery Studio designing is also the best embroidery digitizing tool that lets you develop and design stitch effects on Corel Draw using the Vector bitmap.

Moreover, it offers you various features that help you out in embroidery digitizing such as pattern layout, presentation tools, textile pattern designs, hand stitch effect, colour matching, pattern grading, exporting the designs and much more.

Another noticeable feature of Wilcom is advanced integrated design library; you can search through your designs using any text field such as customer, date or the order.

It indexes your designs automatically for swift results, and you can even browse all of your designs from various folders on one screen.

Wilcom embroidery features a stitch player option with media control buttons so that you can visualize your stitches in a more efficient and professional way. Embroidery digitizing has never been easier before this!

Moreover, you get to have creative and new technical stitching options that include, Double Tatami underlay, Adjustable overlap lap corners, new tie-off methods for satin, opening recent designs with thumbnail view.

Also, you can apply any colour quite easily, My Threads docker allows you to manage your colours on just one click.

With wilcom you get about 69 pre-defined monogram designs and you can even create your own that gives you extensive flexibility.

Although, you cannot have a free version of this application, yet they allow you to access a trial version.

We recommend you to go for the trial version first to test it out.

Supported Formats: all machine embroidery formats are supported.Best for: apparels decorator, best for the embroidery shops, suitable for digital designers, for developing and designing stitch effects through vector graphics, custom designing and so on.Compatibility: Mac, Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)Extra features: Enhanced product visualizer, customer approval sheet, efficient design workspace, order job feature.
5 best embroidery machines + Bonus


  •    Considerable fast embroidery
  •    Innovative embroidery software
  •    Extensive Library
  •    Availability of more than 200 fonts
  •    69 pre-defined monograms
  •   organic hand stitch effect


  •    High in price (not be suitable for embroidery beginners)


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