Embroidery digitizing in-house vs outsourcing

Should I outsource embroidery digitizing work or keep it in-house which one is the best option for me?

A lot of people prefer in-house activities when they start an embroidery/screen printing business and that makes them feel safer as they consider everything is going on in front of them, which is somewhat true but do you realize? That there are a lot of people who do not come from the embroidery digitizing field, so that might make things a little bit difficult for them while establishing the whole setup.

We are going to shed light over three major drawbacks that you are highly likely to confront with your in-house setup.

Number 1:  Cost of Digitizing software

As we know that embroidery Digitizing software is more expensive than an embroidery machine which also takes a lot of time & effort to learn it.

Professional embroidery software can cost you up to $5000.

And this can be one of the reasons to add up to your in-house cost, as it becomes necessary evil which you cannot shake yourself from.

Number 2: Cost of expert digitizer

Another important aspect which somewhat links itself to the embroidery software is the professional digitizer who operates it. You cannot expect better results out of your digitizing project if you do not hire an expert digitizer employee. And that is the second main thing which highly uplifts the cost for you!

According to the average, a professional digitizer can cost you about $3500 to $5000 on a monthly basis. Even if you hire him on an hourly basis that is about 18$ will not be going to cost you any less.

And if you consider taking a quick glance at employee taxes, labor incurred costs then you will surely see a big difference.

Number 3: Management and expenses of dedicated setup

Managing your dedicated setup might seem easy in the start but it is one of the difficult things, the farther you get into it, the more complex it becomes. 

Your dedicated setup might require a lot of things from you such as setting up the computer system, printers, networking them, managing your data and a lot more.

setting up all these things can increase your expense with the considerable amount, and also the office space might be one of the reasons to increase your expense.

Your embroidery setup always demands the investment of time, efforts, and professional supervision to get your digitizing job done, you might be able to handle one or more aspects of the setup, but let us just be honest, that you cannot handle every aspect of embroidery if you do not have a strong embroidery digitizing background. And that might be fatal for the business.

Let’s talk on the other hand if you outsource embroidery digitizing work

On the other side you do not have to worry about hiring embroidery digitizing experts, extra expenses, dedicated setup, quality control, taxes or anything like that. 

Let us walk you through some of the main benefits that you can achieve through outsourcing embroidery digitizing work.

Honestly, there are a lot of benefits of outsourcing the embroidery digitizing services, and we might not be able to put them all together, but for sure some of the main advantages are worth mentioning!

No software no digitizer

When you outsource the embroidery digitizing work, you do yourself a great favour of eliminating the need of digitizing software. Moreover, you are not required to hire any expert digitizer for your work.

Your outsourcing agency makes sure to get your digitizing work done without reducing the quality, and that way you can save a lot of resources.

No Dedicated setup and space

When you outsource the embroidery services you can be certain of not spending even a penny on your dedicated setup. No dedicated setup, no extra cost of managing your space!

This way surely you can save your money.

Growth of your business

When you outsource Embroidery services, you hire the best service provider, and that team works for you so you do not have to worry about managing the whole system on your own, you can just focus on the strategies that can help you to grow your business, meanwhile, your service provider makes sure you get the best digitizing according to your requirement.

And this kind of focus helps any business to grow sky-high.

Time saving

When you outsource the embroidery digitizing services by a team of professionals, then getting things ready for you within a time frame remains no longer of your concern, you can tell your provider the expectation you have regarding the time limitation, and then the best embroidery outsourcing company works for you along with the clock.

And that not only saves you a lot of time to focus on different things such as your embroidery work but also you can save your resources.

Refrain yourself from extra expenses

Have you ever imagined in-house work might exceed your expenses way beyond your expectations, and that includes a lot of things such as your electricity bills, taxes, your resources in hiring staff, their pays, medical insurance, and a lot more!

Having to assign your embroidery work to an outsourcing company can save you from all of the extra expenses, and you can also make sure to achieve quality work, so act smart and do not just go spending thousand dollars on your in-house setup when you can get the same job done way cheaper.

Quality assurance

Finally the last but definitely not the least thing is the quality of the work, of course, hiring the best outsourcing company will give you the best embroidery digitizing quality, and that is one of the most important things.

Neither you nor your clients can compromise on the quality; and if you or your employees do not have an embroidery background, then it might not produce excellent results which can be a big No for your embroidery business, and with a good service provider you can assure the quality of your work.

When you outsource the embroidery service you only pay for what you get, and no extra cost and hidden charges come into existence.

These were some of the main benefits of embroidery outsourcing! Outsourcing the embroidery digitizing is time saving, budget friendly and quality ensuring

And when you can hire an expert digitizing service provider for just about $10-$20 per design or $300-$500 per month with double the production, then why would you go spending thousands of dollars on your in-house setup.

But always make sure to choose what is best for you and the growth of your business.