Ricoma vs Tajima Embroidery Machines Comparison Best Points

In this article, we will discuss Ricoma vs Tajima embroidery machine comparison. Ricoma vs Tajima embroidery machines both of the machines are one of the best embroidery machines, these machines come from the best manufacturers, and despite having different features; a lot of people rely on both Ricoma Or Tajima.

So, it becomes a little ambiguous to judge which embroidery machine Ricoma vs Tajima is suitable for our work. Quality is not everything we need, but it is also the features along with the quality.

Let us solve this problem by looking into what features Ricoma vs Tajima embroidery machines us with. starting now Ricoma vs Tajima comparison.

Tajima TMEZ-SC series

ricoma vs tajima

No doubt Tajima embroidery machine is considered one of the best embroidery machines, and especially if you are considering a commercial multi-needle embroidery machine then you would appraise the quality of Tajima embroidery machine positively. 

All of the Tajima brand machines are manufactured in Japan, and they are distributed by Hirsch Solutions in the US. Their quality is quite considerable, and they have been producing premium quality machines for a long time.

Let us take a look into one of their best multi-needle embroidery machines TMEZ-SC series.

If you are looking for an innovative embroidery machine that is based on modern technology then you can count on the TMEZ-SC series.

iTM Thread Management:  

The best thing about this Tajima embroidery machine is that it offers you iTM (intelligent Thread Management) system. This is probably the best thing that you will find in a Tajima embroidery machine and this feature is responsible for handling your thread tension, you do not have to adjust the tension of the thread manually. Moreover, iTM management can even recognize the thickness of the thread, so it can carry out automatic embroidery for you.It’s the main feature which make difference in Ricoma vs Tajima comparsion

Minimal fabric shrinkage: 

Another finest thing by the Tajima embroidery machine is that it saves you from fabric shrinkage. The intelligent Thread Management system also makes sure to minimize the fabric that gets shrunk while working on elastic material, this feature helps us to avoid skip stitching and miss trimming.

DCP (Digitally Controlled Presser-Foot):

Another premium quality thing that Tajima features is the digitally controlled presser-foot. This feature is used to adjust the stability of the fabric, and you can use the operational panel to adjust it.

It not only minimizes the creases while pulling up of fabric, but it also increases the work rate. You can also randomly set the height of the presser foot according to the thickness of material using the operational panel.

This stops fluttering even on hard to embroidery material such as leather, thick fabric or some stretchy fabric.

Position Marker:

Another cool feature of Tajima TMEZ-SC series is its positioning marker; with the help of this option, you can enable yourself to see the starting position.

When you start off by adjusting the position, the needle hole that is concealed by the fabric is illuminated, and it is indicated using the LED. So it becomes very easy for you to locate the position.


Generally, this embroidery machine has a lot to offer and based on your professional requirements you can get the most out of it. This Tajima machine is based on 15 needles set, and it offers you 1200rpm speed, and it weighs 95KG.

ricoma vs tajima comparsion if we look tajima embroidery machine in terms of embroidery hoop frames it has:

  • Wide cap frame 75 x 360
  • Semi wide cap frame 83 x 180
  • Tubular frame 360 x 500
  • Pocket frame  65 x 100 | 100 x 75
  • Normal frame 360 x 500
  • Sock frame 50 x 30

Ricoma 1501-TC 

ricoma vs tajima embroidery machine

Ricoma embroidery machine is another best embroidery machine brand, and in terms of quality, superiority and features they have been targeting for their clients are worth mentioning. You might not find a lot of differences regarding the quality of embroidery, as both the brands target the quality, but it is the other main things that might hold some significant differences such as full support, accessories, etc.

Let us see through some of the main features of Ricoma 1501-TC. in comparison of ricoma vs tajima embroidery machine

Automatic thread system: 

if we talk ricoma vs Tajima then One of the best features of Ricoma 1501-TC is its automatic thread system, this option helps us to trim the thread without requiring manual effort. An automatic thread system also detects if there is any thread breakage. Moreover, there is even an emergency stop button that can be really helpful under various circumstances.

Automatic thread system features an upper thread clamp, and it makes sure to sustain stable trimming. For trimming purposes it offers you an external trimming button.

Comprehensive accessories:

Ricoma 1501-TC offers you a lot of accessories along with their embroidery machine, they also feature the starter kit and software package. They make sense when we do a comparison of Ricoma vs Tajima.

The starter kit of Ricoma 1501-TC features stabilizers, bobbins, needles and threads. They also give you a heavy-duty wheel stand along with the machine so you can carry your machine anywhere easily.

As part of accessories, they also give you 5 years of limited warranty, where you can claim any replacement in case something you do not find in a proper working way.

They offer you Chroma digitizing software along with the machine which you can utilize to do basic editing and to create embroidery designs.

Three months free subscription plan to HoopMade design library is another premium thing by Ricoma, they offer you access Ricoma’s design library and access to some of the best and premium designs that include, cap designs, 3D puffs and patch designs in different sizes.

Another appreciable thing is that Ricoma embroidery machine features a variety of 11 different hoops included in the package moreover you get to have two cap rings, a cap driver and a hoop station as a cap attachment.

0% financing and free training program:

A lot of people prefer embroidery machines that come equipped with some training programs, and in that case, Ricoma embroidery machine is definitely the best option.so that’s good when we compare ricoma vs tajima.

Even if you are new to the embroidery business and you don’t know how to operate embroidery machines then you can surely start off with Ricoma. That’s easy to use ricoma and it’s making points when we discuss Ricoma vs Tajima.

They offer you completely free online and onsite training with full technical support. So, you can escalate yourself from beginner to pro quickly. Moreover, Ricoma offers you a 0% financing option where you can apply for it and have interest free payments. This really uplifts the new and small embroidery businesses.


Undoubtedly Ricoma 1501-TC enables you to start off with professional embroidery work, and it comes equipped with a lot of accessories, model 1501-TC offers you a set of 15 needles that is capable of providing you with 1200 Stitches per minute, the net weight of the machine is 90Kg. 1501-TC is equipped with a nice 150W motor that is energy efficient, and the built-in power supply bears 110V and 220V that is 50 and 60Hz.

Moreover, the machine is also available with a laser tracing device, but that is an optional gadget that does not come along with the machine.lets see what difference in hoops by ricoma when we compare Ricoma vs Tajima

Embroidery hoop frames

  • 2x Round Hoop (A) 90 x 90
  • 2x Round Hoop (B) 120 x 120
  • 2x Round Hoop (C) 150 x 150
  • 2x Round Hoop (D) 190 x 190
  • 2x Square Hoop (E) 290 x 290
  • 1x Oval Hoop 540 x 360
  • 1x Sash Frame 540 x 350

It was comparison of Ricoma vs Tajima hope it was helpful for you guys.

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