How to Add lettering to Any Embroidery design

In this article we’ll discuss “How to add lettering to any embroidery design in wilcom application? We will learn to make shapes for letters.
Follow these steps for putting a design to your letters.

Step 1:

Open up the Wilcom application and import your required design file.

Add lettering to any Embroidery design

Step 2:

Add letters in Normal style:

Add lettering to any Embroidery design

Open the lettering Tab, And type the letter in a dialogue box. After typing the letter, the next step is to select the font style for the letter. For this purpose open the font style tab and then choose the desired font style.
After choosing font style then click on the apply button. Font style applied then click on design Box. Your letters are designed and show in the design box.
Finally adjust letters according to your design, adjust the gap between letters from the spacing tab.

Step 3:

Add letters in curvy style:

Embroidery design

Repeat the same process used in the normal lettering style. open up the design file and write letters. After this process opens the free line tab. Then select Arc CW tool, click on Arc CW tool, click on apply changes letter’s changed into curvy style.
If you want more curvy style letters, then select tab circle on circle CW tab letter converted into more curved style. Then adjust according to the design.
By following these steps, you can easily make our lettering designs. Later on, you can adjust another setting, i.e. colours, size, etc. according to your desire.
And finally, save the file.

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