How To Add The Color Code In The Design File

Are you finding difficulty adding color code or color name in your design? Well, not anymore.


First things first, open up your Wilcom application and import your required design file.


From the menu bar go to “View” and select View by the color option You can also press Alt+C as a shortcut key.

A dialogue box will appear that will show the color property of the design, however; you would see the color code and other properties are not showing up.


To fix this you have to go to the status bar and double click on your required color pallet.

Another dialogue box will appear that will let you enter the value, name, and other properties of your color, and that is how you can enter values manually.

Another best way

Another best way to do is to toggle on the colorway editor; it is used to assign the thread colors to the color slots so that you can define the colorway.


From the above menu bar click on colorway editor, you can toggle it with a click. A dialogue box will appear containing thread and colorway editor properties.

From the thread dialogue box, click on select thread chart option.


A thread chart dialogue box will appear containing various thread options, there would be many options such as, Royal, Wilcom, select the one that you require.

We are using Madeira PolyNeon 40, and classic as an example.


After adding your required chart, you can see it will be showing up in the thread dialogue box, to add the code in colorway editor, single click your color, and select it.

Thereafter just double-click on your color in the thread chart dialogue box, and the code of your color will be applied and added to your colorway editor.

You can also select the color manually from the thread chart if you think your color is not matching up in the colorway editor.


After assigning the color code, go to “View” and select “View by Color”, and now you will see your colors of the design would contain color code and other relevant properties.

And that is about it, you have successfully added the code and name to your relevant color.

Hope it will be helpful for you guys!

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