How to auto digitizing embroidery | wilcom software

In this article we will discuss how to Auto Digitizing embroidery. We are giving detailed steps below that will surely help you for this purpose.

Step 1:

First, launch your Wilcom software on your system, and then click the Wilcom icon option(shown as orange W) on the upper corner of the left side of the main page.

Step 2:

Then click and open the Import graphic option that will surely appear on the upper side of the main page, and after that, select your desired file in Wilcom and open it.

Step 3:

After doing so again, click the file and select Auto Trace To Vector Icon option that is probably on the lower left side.

Step 4:

When you click on the Auto trace vector icon, the selected file will convert into a vector file whenever you press the option.

Step 5:

Here you see the option with you can change color quantity whether you want one, two, three, or more in your file, then press ok to continue. After these steps, you can see your file is being converted into a vector file.

Step 6:

There are two icons, most probably two or three options above Auto trace to vector option that are:
•Tatami Fill Object With Holes
•Tatami Fill Object;
You can select your required stitch here

Step 7:

Whenever you press any one of these two icons, it will automatically convert into a digitized file. Now your file is digitized.

Step 8:

Now select the picture, and then you can adjust stitch values. You can also edit the file as per requirements, and after completing your desired task, you can save the file on your pc.

Step 9:

To save the file; Click on the File option and select the option Save as and then name the file and save it in which folder you want.

Step 10:

Your desired file is ready, and you can perform your desired work on it.

Hope it will be helpful for you guys!

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