4 Best time saving tips for Cap Embroidery to increase productivity

Are you one of the people who are still having issues with cap embroidery? Or do you want to take your cap embroidery to the next level? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will discuss the 4 best cap embroidery tips that will not only save your time but also increase your productivity.

1) Consistent Maintenance

A lot of people who are into embroidery absorb in their business so much that they do not even take care of proper maintenance of their embroidery equipment.
And that is one of the most common issues, it not only starts deteriorating the embroidery machine but also slows down your production.
If you want to keep getting the best results out of your embroidery machine for the cap embroidery, then you should not neglect proper oiling and greasing. Also, do not forget to clean the bobbin area; this is the most important aspect to keep things running.

Cap Embroidery

Cleaning may also be required due to the thread build-up near the shaft, which causes the needle to get near to the point of the rotary hook, and it declines the speed of the machine.
Also, we know that cap embroidery is a slower process than other fabrics, so if you do not maintain your machine, you will delay your work further.
This can also lead to needle breakage, and if you are having needle break issues frequently, then you are required to do proper maintenance.

3) Proper design placement:

Another most important aspect of cap embroidery is the right design placement; the needle break issue is one of the common problems due to a poor design placement.
If your design placement is proper then you can avoid having needle break issues and also you will not face much difficulty while embroidering.
A quick tip for you is to make sure the bottom of your design should stay about at least a half-inch away from the point where the seam meets the bill.


An average cap design that is valid and applicable for most of the caps is 2 and a half inches tall, but of course, not every cap is the same, different caps have different profiles.
So, the size of the front side of the cap might vary, and so will the design placement, but keep the ratio right so you can carry out perfect cap embroidery.

4)Do not go Too Fast :

If you guys have an embroidery background then for sure you would have an idea that cap embroidery is a slow process, and also the SPM speed varies. If you compare cap embroidery with normal fabric embroidery you would know that cap embroidery has an average speed of 600 to 800 SPM.


And most of the time it stays between these two values. That is why it requires more patience and supervision to get things done.
You cannot just expect your cap embroidery production to be too fast, as you will eventually mess things up, so it is rather better to go for accuracy and do things slowly and perfectly.

SPM(stitches per minute):

The typical and efficient speed of cap embroidery is 600 SPM, and also the slow speed is important when you are dealing with delicate designs.
You should consider slowing down your machine to keep track of clarity and to improve it. Slowing down your machine not only helps you with needle break issues but also you can overcome registration problems.
Also, you need to learn that different types of cap embroidery might require different SPM, and gradually you can master this.
Usually softer hats and caps are embroidered on 600 to 700 SPM and hard structured hats and caps can be embroidered somewhere between 500 to 600 SPM.


Keep learning, keep embroidery might bother you in the start but the more you get into it, the better you will learn, and eventually, you will master the cap embroidery.
Just do not rush things, and the accuracy and speed will follow you.


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