How to Make the Applique Design

Applique is ornamental needlework that not only looks stunning but also is unique and quite in demand.

And if we look into embroidery digitizing about applique Designs, then you would find them pretty much in.

Let us divide this guide into steps:


Open your design that you want to convert into applique, load it into Wilcom.


After the design has been loaded you must remove the Tatami, and only the outline should remain.

In order to remove Tatami, you have to move the stitch cursor to start.

You can do that by simply choosing the option from the toolbar. Once you click it, your design’s stitch would move to start.


Once it is done, click on Digitize Run from the toolbar option, and start drawing a straight line right along with the border.

This will create an outline on the border of your design.

Now you must change the color, select any color you want and then again move the stitch cursor in the start, select the option from the toolbar by clicking the left mouse button.


You will notice your selected color has appeared on first, now from the toolbar option click on “Travel by Color”, you can also press the page up or page down button as the shortcut keys.

Travel by color indicates which color is running behind the design; our outline was in red which is being indicated here.


For the applique design, it is important that you select and run your outline, and thereafter you can place your fabric in the machine and the outline will hold your fabric firmly.


After you are done with running the outline and the border of your design you can then run anything that your design contains in it, but make sure you first run the outline and then the border.

And that is about it, you have successfully prepared your design to have strong and proper applique.

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Hope it will be helpful for you guys!

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