Top 10 Free Embroidery Monogram Fonts You Must Need To Follow


Embroidery Monogram fonts are simple to design, simple to sew, and offer a personal touch to every project where they are utilized. It’s not difficult to see why monogramming is one of the most popular embroidery methods.

Listed below are some free embroidered monogram fonts for you to use. These free embroidered monogram fonts may be used to make a monogram for yourself, your family, or as a couple. You’ll discover everything from formal and traditional to more contemporary and informal styles.

Using these monogram fonts as a wedding font on your want to save dates, programmes, table numbers, and place cards will look fantastic.

Top 10 Embroidery monogram fonts:

These embroidery monogram fonts are suitable for machine embroidery, but they may also be used by hand to create embroidered monogram patterns on sofas, pillow covers, and towels.

1. Landsdowne:

The embroidery monogram font has a traditional sense to it, but it also has a touch of antique feel to it, making it powerful and intriguing. Landsdowne is also available in a shadowed version called Landsdowne Shadowed, which adds a beautiful shadow to the typeface, increasing its drama. Your decorative items will have a more attractive appearance with this font.

ScreenHunter 440
Poster Boy Monogram

2. Poster Boy Monogram :

The Poster Boy embroidery monogram font is very classic and dignified, and it is appropriate for use on linens and towels. Because it resembles an intricate design, it has a formal appearance by nature. Stitch it on hand towels and linens, or even on a man’s sleeves if you want to be very creative. So sassy!

3. Empress monogram

Empress monogram

The Empress embroidery monogram font manages to be both very feminine and exquisite without coming off as too feminine. It’s a beautiful embroidered monogram pattern that may be used to dress up a plain fleece or robe for a woman. It’s also relatively easy to understand.

4. Monogram KK

Embroidery Known as the monogram KK font, it is your conventional monogram font, complete with beautiful cursive letters, ready to make a statement. Uppercase letters are accessible, while the lowercase letters are merely a smaller version of the uppercase letters.

Monogram KK
Rounded Monogram

5. Rounded Monogram

This rounded embroidered monogram font, in my opinion, offers an excellent medium. It is also a very flexible embroidered monogram motif since it is neither too macho nor too girly in its design and placement. You may use it as a couple’s present, with their names etched on it. The pattern would look fantastic embroidered out on a decorative cushion or a set of bath towels.

6. Bittersweet

A one-of-a-kind monogram font, Bittersweet embroidered monogram font is offered in two distinct variants. A very lovely monogram font that has a 1930’s vibe to it and will transport you back to those flapper celebrations. Although it is still a classic embroidered font pattern, it does not go beyond.

Diamond style monogram

7. Diamond style monogram

Because it is such a classic, the diamond style embroidered monogram font may be utilised for both men’s and women’s clothes and accessories. I can see this monogram pattern embroidered on a men’s tie or a toiletry bag, for example. However, I can see it embroidered on a woman’s scarf as well. Aside from that, because the letter strokes are thick, it is particularly suited for cotton fabric towels and bathrobe usage.

8. Serif monograms

Serif embroidered monogram fonts are the kind that has letters that seem like they were typed on something like a typewriter. Serif fonts are available in a plethora of styles and patterns.

Fishtail Monogram Font

9. Fishtail Monogram Font

Although this embroidered monogram font is still on the traditional side, it seems to have a bit of fun to it. It also has a feminine feel. I mean, it’s called a “fishtail,” which relates to mermaids, which, if you ask me, is rather feminine. Also, use fishtail monogram font for small girl gowns and women’s clothes, but do not use it on a man’s duffel bag since it looks too feminine.

10. Flowered monogram fonts

You can transform basic linens into extremely luxury items with just a small touch of this beautiful design. Consider how beautiful your napkins, guest towels, and pillows will look with an exquisite Floral embroidered monogram font on them.

Flowered monogram fonts

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can make or edit monograms in sewWrite embroidery software and set up your monogram with embroidery embrilliance essentials.

The Embroidery Fonts Plus ( EFP ) programme icon may be seen on your computer’s desktop ( desktop ). 7. Select Load Lettering Page 2 from the drop-down menu. Once you’ve double-clicked on this font, it should be automatically loaded into the programme.

Serif font is basically used for embroidery monograms. It is a simple yet classic style monogram font.

Fishtail monogram, diamond style, monogram KK are the most liked fonts and considered as the best embroidery font.

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