10 Important Screen Printing Equipment List You Must have For Start-Up Business

10 Important Screen Printing Equipment List You Must have For Start-Up Business


Screen Printing equipment would be the first list if you are going to start a screen printing business, you better have knowledge about every aspect of the business. From the preparation phase to the first order you receive, every step needs to be understood well in order to run a successful business. Before knowing the techniques and skills of your work, you should know what equipment is used for a screen-printing business. So here’s the list of some vital screen printing equipment list you will require for the business.

1. Printer:


We have added printer in our screen printing equipment list. After you create and select designs on the computer, you always need a printer to print the designs, and an inkjet printer is required to create a positive film. This inkjet printer will print the design on a transparent(special) film in black ink. This will totally block the UV rays from passing from the screen. 

Tips: If you buy all these screen printing equipment in form of package; you can save some bucks.

2. Screen Printing Press:


The screen printing press is among the screen printing equipment list. It comes up with different configurations, but the wise decision is to start your business with a six-color press. Rotary presses are better and time-saving in some regards.

3. Screens:

The screen is thin mesh tightly pulled over a lightweight frame. Screens come with multiple mesh counts, and mesh count is the rate at how many threads can cross over per square inch. And these mesh counts make the screen suitable for different kinds of stuff.

4. Emulsion:

The emulsion is the liquid that coats the screens and comes up in two types. One is Diazo emulsion, and the other is Presensitized emulsion. The diazo emulsion always requires the Diazo powder in order to print and takes a long time to expose the design. In contrast, the pre-sensitized emulsion is sensitive and exposes quickly, and gives long-lasting and fine results.

5. Computer and Software:

The computer is essential in the screen printing equipment list for screen printing. You make designs, edit, and preview them on software like adobe illustrator, Corel draw, and adobe photoshop. This software is considered heavy as they draw more power, and only high processing computers can handle them well.


6. Flash Cure:

Flash cure is basically an air flash, a type of screen printing equipment that is used to dry colors while doing a  multi-color print. It will help the layers to dry quickly, and later on, after applying multiple coats of colors, you will notice

7. Squeegees:

These are required to spread ink on the screen and settle the print. After that screen is ready to expose under UV light to print the design, they are available in different size ranges, and you can buy them according to your requirement.


8. Exposure Unit:

The exposure unit basically exposes the screens under UV light to cure the stencils. In addition, it has a led vacuum on the top, which performs the function of drying the stencil. Hence it is the leading equipment in the screen printing equipment list for a startup business.

9. Drying Racks:

Dry racks are necessary to use while keeping screens for some time to dry the emulsion. You can buy them from the market but can make them too on your own.


10. Wash Out Station:

The washout station is an important screen printing equipment. The washout station is the area where you can wash and rinse the stencils after exposure. Again, you can use the fresher washer and garden hose as the water source.


So these were essential equipment among the screen printing equipment list you will need to start a screen-printing business. Although there are many other types of equipment, they require things like a scoop coater, ink spray track, inkjet film, emulsion remover, scrubby pads, rags, temperature gun, and many more. I hope this article helps you to get knowledge about starting the screen printing business.

The following are the screen printing starter kits:

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  • T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit by DIY Print Shop
  • Silhouette Cameo Screen Printing Bundle
  • Speedball SB4526 Screen Printing.
  • Merchmakr All-in-One Screen Printing Kit

The following are the equipment are used




Computer and software and etc

Cost to start a screen printing business is  relatively less . The specialized printer you need can typically costs $10,000 or less; the supplies you need to start, including large number of  shirts to print on, can typically be obtained for less than $5,000

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