How To Start A Screen Printing Business At Home ? | 10 Important Points

How To Start A Screen Printing Business At Home?

Before starting a screen-printing business, you must know what screen printing is? So we can define screen printing as the way toward moving a master plan onto a level surface utilizing a lattice screen, ink, and a squeegee. Screen printing is an exciting business, but you need to know what type of screen printing you want. So first, you know about the screen printing all steps and terms. It requires experience that is extracted by training. The more you know the tricks and techniques, the more you get the profit.

The screen printing business can be started with small investment and give the profit of thousands of dollars. On a home based embroidery business level, you don’t need industrial-sized printing screen equipment; you buy the machine you can afford and start your own business at home.

Some steps will help you understand to start a screen printing business at home.

1. Research and Training:

The first thing you need to do is to research on screen printing business like which screen printing machine is suitable for you, and its business information. The screen printing needs the training to help you know about your business start-up and what terms and conditions are acquired to start the business. You must know what type of printing business you want to start. You need to pick a unique name for your business to earn a reputation in the market.

After completing your research on the printing business, and if all that research did not change your mind for business, you could move to the second step to train your desired printing business. You can learn online or can visit the training centers. You will also know what software you can use and the purpose of using computer software with screen printing.

2. Marketing and Finance:

Visit the market to ensure the present and upcoming trends in screen printing and screen  printing business. By visiting markets, you know the printing process’s market rate and increase your business knowledge. It will also let you know which organizations, schools, and companies you can work with.

There are some essential points you need to know for the marketing of your screen printing business:

 Every person in your surrounding knows what you are printing and on what. You should contact the people and try to convince them to buy your items.

As a screen printing business startup, we have lot of marketing options like social media marketing, influencer marketing, paid advertising like Facebook and Google Adwords  and so on. 


Every person you meet must be an expected customer. Hire a dealer who will advertise your items and business. You must choose the items that are unique and demanding too.

All these steps will clarify the budget that will be required for starting the screen printing business. Now it’s time to start a master plan and make a whole plot of your business, which includes costs of everything you need for your printing business, and from this, you will get the actual price of your whole business. You can make changes in the plot and cost concerning your budget. You don’t need significant machinery to start the company because, for domestic purposes, you can use average cost and function machines.

3. Permits and Licenses:

Contact the local town office for your home based business permission and completes all paperwork regarding your dues and taxes. Also, purchase marketing and business cards and request for a certificate to start the business.

4. Purchase the Equipment:

Now it’s time to get the desired Screen Printing equipment for your screen printing business. In making a budget, you already scheduled the cost and range of your machinery, items, and other supporting material. Try to prefer quality over quantity to level up your repute. This step is being divided into sub-steps to ease you more.

5. Pre-Press equipment:

In the initial step, you need a computer in which you can install software for graphic designs. The second thing is a printer and the film to make stencils on the screen and print the graphics created onto transparent films. And then the printer showers UV on stencils, Screens for your printing shop, and Emulsion that is being coated on screens and gets hardened when UV light is exposed on a printer makes a stencil. Drying Racks, Exposure unit to curve the stencils by providing UV, Washout Station and water source to rinse and wash stencils.

6. Screen Printing Equipment:

You will need a Press (Try to use a six-color press at the start). Ink, and also buy some scoops to help in handling your ink. Buy Squeegees to pull ink on the screen and lay down your print. Now the Substrate is the object you want to print. Flash cure unit helps to partially gel the ink to print overlapping color or under bases.

7. Post Press Equipment:

For your convenience, purchase a Conveyor Dryer to give heat to ink so that your print lasts for a long time.

8. Start Your Printing Business:

Set up your whole shop and arrange every piece of equipment with the desired setup. Then start screen printing the items you want to print out like T-shirt printing or any other product, whether a fabric, paper, metal, plastic, glass, or wood. But in the start, it’s recommended to start with fabric like T-shirts and caps or paper printing. There are some steps for printing with your screen printing machine.

Create the design on the software, and the printer will pick the design and Pick up the screen regarding your item’s size and texture. Coat the screen with Emulsion. After UV light, wash off the Emulsion to create the stencils, after sometimes the screen is left to dry and after the dry screen is being placed on the printer. An item that you want to print lay down on the printing board, and then the whole printout is printed on the item. Dried off the item, and it’s ready.

9. Launch Your Products:

Try to launch your products on sale so that people are attracted to your work and feel amazed by your work. Although you are still at a profit from your business and people will buy more if you work well and give good quality at low prices.

10. Benefits of Screen Printing Business At Home:

You can print in a small space and still get a massive profit in home based business. Local distributors can give products at the lowest prices.

  • Tax will be less, and your work will make more money. You will do what you want to.

  • There’s a secure market with small jobs, and big companies don’t want that, but you do.


Screen Printing Business is an efficient way to work at home.  It works on the principle of “Invest less Get more” because, with little investment, you can get more profit depending upon the quality of your work. You can work on many materials, but it is preferable to work on the material you have command. Once you start your own screen printing business, contact companies and firms for order and visit the market to know the sale rate of the screen printing at home.

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