How To Use The Branching Tool Properly

Are you looking for proper usage of the branching tool? Or are you wondering what is the main purpose of branching?

What does the branching tool do?

Branching tool is among the important tools, and it is used to eliminate the jumps and trim from your design,

 One of the main benefits of the branching tool is that it also enhances the production of the embroidery machine.

If you want to increase the production speed, make sure you do not have jumps and trims in your design.


First of all click on “Arrange” on the menu bar, and from the drop-down list select “Branching”, you can also use the shortcut key “i”.


After you are in the branching mode you can start to select your design, your design file might be in different fragments of jumps, and to eliminate it you have to select your design; that is to branch it.


Start clicking on your design to branch it, make sure that you click on every object that you want to branch with the other one.

An important thing to consider is that you do not apply branching on any object that is separate from the other object, because branching is meant for the objects that are attached to each other.

So, if you want to remove the jump and trim for the object that is separate then you have to take care of it manually, and you can simply do it manually by choosing the trim option from the toolbar.


It is important that you save your design, go to the menu bar, click on File, select “save”, name your design file.

And that is about it. You have successfully applied the branching tool to your design.

Now you can make use of this design file in your embroidery machine for faster production.

Hope it will be helpful for you guys!

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