How To Remove Jump And Trim From Your Embroidery | 2 Amazing Ways

How To Remove Jump And Trim From Your Embroidery

remove jump and trim

Follow the below steps to remove jump and trim from your embroidery.

Step 1 - Open Wilcom Application:

Open the Wilcom application and open up your required design which you want to fix. Once it is loaded on Wilcom you can start working on it.

Step 2 - Select Travel By Trim:

Note: Both cutter and trim are the same things but in Wilcom it is addressed as trim.

Move the stitch cursor in start by choosing the option from the left toolbar, after that click on the “travel by trim” icon, you can also use Alt Right-arrow or Alt Left-Arrow key on your keyboard.

After selecting the travel by trim option your design will let you walk through it by jumps and trims.

Step 3 - Select Reshape Tool:

By doing this manually, all you have to do is to place the end of your object or the letter close to the start of your second object or the letter.

Go to the toolbar and select the “Reshape” tool, you can also use a shortcut key by pressing H on your keyboard.

It will take you to the reshape mode where you can reshape your object with several anchor points.

After placing the end of your letter at the start of the second letter your jump and trim would be removed, to ensure that click on travel by trim again and you will notice the change.

How to Remove Jump and Trim ? Alternate Way

You can also remove jump and trim by another and fast way.

Step 1- Select "Apply Closet Join":

Select your whole design, and from the above toolbar select “Apply closest Join” or simply press Ctrl+J.

This will make every object close to each other resulting in removing the jump and trim issue.

But of course, if you find out that your design file only has jump and trim issue in a few of the letters or the objects then you do not have to select your whole design.

And in that case, doing it manually will be more suitable and time-saving, and if the jump and trim issue remains with all of your objects then go for the automatic option.

Step 2 - Select Travel By Trim:

After you are done it is important to ensure that you have achieved the desired results, move your stitch cursor at the start, and then select Travel by trim again.

And now you will notice that your design is running as a whole and jump and trim has been eliminated.

And that is about it, you have successfully removed the jumps and trims from your design, now you can save it and use it on your machine.

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Tips! Watch our tutorial video on how to make your design in applique properly.

Hope it will be helpful for you guys!

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