How to create the letters in Wilcom

In this article, I will show you how to create the letters using the Wilcom application.

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If we ask you to perform one of the easiest tasks in Wilcom studio, then creating the font letters would probably be one of them!

So let us divide this guide into different steps to make it more comfortable for you!

Step 1:

Open your Wilcom Studio application and open a new page, you can use a shortcut key Ctrl + N. Note: The lettering icon is represented by the symbol A.  

Step 2:

After enabling the new page, search for the lettering icon from your toolbar.
Note: The lettering icon is represented by the symbol A.

Step 3:

As you will click on the Lettering icon, a window under Object properties will be enabled. And you will now see a textbox under a tab namely Special.

Step 4:

Write your required text in the given Textbox, and click on the Preview checkbox.

Click on the drop-down menu list to search through a long font letter list.

Select your favourite font; uncheck the preview option and hit enter.

Step 5:

Now that you have selected your favourite font, and entered into the interface, make sure to select your required spacing from the left window.

Go to Object Properties and select the spacing of your letters, words or the line accordingly.

From the bottom of the window, you can also select the width and the height of your letters as per your requirements.

Step 6:

It is important to go through the stitch spacing after selecting your font letter, go to the Fills tab under the Object Properties window and select your required Stitch spacing, click the check button to apply the effect.

Changing the colour is optional, and it totally depends upon your personal preference. You can change the font to your favourite colour from the bottom colour pellet window.

Make sure to save your file to secure the result.

And that is all it takes, you have successfully created the font letters in your Wilcom application.

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Hope it will be helpful for you guys!

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