How to convert EMB file to vector file?

In this article we will discuss how to convert Embroidery files to vector files. We are giving detailed steps below that will surely help you for this purpose.

  1. First, launch your Wilcom software on your system and then click the file option on the upper corner of the main page’s left side.

  2. Then click and open the design option, and after that, select your Embroidery(EMB) file in Wilcom.

  3. After doing so again, click the file option and select the export design as a vector option in the File menu.

  4. Here you see two options for the file type; you can either select EMF or EPS file, but for our purpose, we need to change our file type as EPS Postscript vector/Bitmap(*.EPS) file format, give the desired name to your file and afterward save the file.

  5. After these steps, open your CorelDRAW software( you can also use dobby or luster or whatever software you prefer), drag your EPS file on the design window of CorelDRAW software.

  6. When the file opens on CorelDRAW, it will automatically convert into a vector design from an embroidery design.

  7. Your desired file is ready, and you can perform your desired work on it.