How to convert tatami design to satin properly | Wilcom Software

In this article I will be sharing some easy steps on how to convert the tatami design to satin in wilcom software in a proper way.


Open your Wilcom application and import your required design file.


After you have imported your Tatami design file you can easily convert it into Satin.
From the toolbar menu, you can choose the “Satin” option and it will be applied to your design, but make sure you select your design in order to apply that the Satin effect.


Now that you have successfully converted your Tatami design file into Satin, but your concern to convert the file does not end here.
Because if you just try to run the file like this into your embroidery machine, then it might not give you good results.
So, let us guide you through how you can achieve the premium results.

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The proper way of doing it


Select your design and from the menu bar, click on “Stitch Angle” or you can press (Ctrl + H) as the shortcut key.


After you get into Stitch angle mode, start making angles on your object, the corners should have a 90-degree angle, based on your design mark the right angels and press enter.


Note: We should not have Tatami underlay in our Satin design, so we must eliminate it.
To remove the Tatami underlay, simply go to the property window on the right side, and from the “underlay” tab uncheck the “First underlay” checkbox.


Stitch spacing value is an important factor while converting the Tatami design into Satin.
So, always make sure to set the right stitch spacing value, just click on the “Fills” tab under the property window, and enter your required value.
And that is about it, you have successfully converted your Tatami design into Satin properly.
Now you can run your design file into the embroidery machine. Just make sure to save your file and you are ready to go.

Hope it will be helpful for you guys!

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