Magnetic Embroidery Hoops and Why They Matter | 5 Useful FAQs

Magnetic Embroidery Hoops and Why They Matter


Have you ever heard about magnetic embroidery hoops? If didn’t then I can help you to understand what are magnetic embroidery hoops and why to use them. I researched about it and get to know the answers to my questions and now I’ll clarify your queries about magnetic embroidery hoops.

What is a magnetic embroidery hoop and why choose them?

The magnetic embroidery hoop is also known as “Mighty Hoop” is a strong and tight magnetic hoop that can be usable by every embroidery machine. The magnetic hoop is a strong hoop that holds the fabric tightly.

It is easy to adjust because you don’t need to adjust the outer ring of the mighty hoop and adjust the fabric, whatever the thickness. Mighty hoops are mostly used for thick fabric hooping like towels and also for quilting purposes.

magnetic embroidery hoop

The magnetic embroidery hoops are best to embroider even at tricky kinds of stuff like jackets, caps, and shorts. The biggest advantage of the mighty hoop is that It is fast and easy to hoop.  Like other hoops(clamping)  it doesn’t leave a mark of burn and doesn’t harm the fabric. It also reduces the chance of imprinting on the fabric.

What size is best for your embroidery work?

embroidery hoops sizes

The mighty hoops are easily available in the market and are also available in every size depending upon the size of the machine. There are different brands for mighty hoops like Bernina, Baby Lock, Janome, and Brothers.  You can choose the size that is suitable for your embroidery design.

In the market, there are different sizes like 4.25”, 5.5, 6.5”,  4” x 8”, 7.25”, 6.25” x 8.25”, 9” x 3” and 9” x 5”. These are a few sizes usually used in the market but you can search for more sizes according to your need. The mighty hoop comes up with two shapes, square and round. The mostly square shape is used in mighty hoops because it can embroider more area than round hoops.

Always try to select the embroidery hoop about a two-inch gap from every side of the embroidery design. This will give you a much better result of your embroidery design.

What kind of fabric can you embroider using a mighty hoop?

Mighty Hoop

It is the quality of magnetic embroidery hoops that you can use for any material. But the magnetic hoops are best to embroider the jackets (zipped), leather types of equipment, bags, and caps. As these are tricky things to embroider so mighty hoop is the most suggested and recommended type to use for embroidery purposes.

How to use a Magnetic embroidery hoop?

These mighty hoops are very easy to use and almost every embroider can use them without any difficulty. Here we show you with simple steps to use a magnetic embroidery hoop.

First of all, as anyone can think, just separate the frames. Then place the stabilizer at the top side of the lower frame. Now add the fabric to the stabilizer. Stand up the upper hoop and lay it down on the fabric and press to connect both sides of the hoop. You can adjust any wrinkles in the fabric by pulling the fabric and stabilizer snug in the hoop.

Why magnetic embroidery hoops matter ?

Although they can’t replace the standard embroidery hoops, They are the best to complement them along with providing a strong and firm grip over heavy items like terry towels, knit shirts, and many other fabrics. The working speed of the magnetic embroidery hoops is incomparable to the standard hoop.

Having a flat magnetic top and flat metal bottom frame, they are unable to distort the fabric and thus leave the fabric with no burnt imprints on it. The magnetic force of magnetic hoops grips the fabric tightly and not the machine that’s why they inculcate no harm to the embroidery machine.

Magnetic hoops are an easy source to obtain flawless continuous embroidery.  They are available in different sizes for different embroidery machines, for the performance of different tasks. With no exaggeration, they are feasible for the execution of everyday tasks. One of the crucial services of magnetic hoops is that you don’t need to start over again if the given item is not hooped in the right manner and you can easily work by making tiny adjustments, for the proper alignment of the design.


The usage of magnetic hoops is not a hard nut to crack. So just take your time to be proficient in the use of the hoop to get an ultimate accuracy. This article is for clearing all the troubles regarding the use of magnetic embroidery hoops in embroidery machines. I hope this article has made understanding the design of magnetic hoops an easy thing for you. 

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