What Embroidery Machine Needles Should Be Used | 3 Best Types

What Machine Needles Should Be Used For Embroidery


It is a known fact that machine needles are an absolute requirement for machine embroidery. Sometimes choosing the best one seems like a difficult task. We bring you complete information on types of machine needles and what to consider while looking for an embroidery machine. But before buying it, there are a few points you need to keep in mind. You must know your sewing machine’s capacity, the fabric, the thread for embroidery, and the stabilizer.

These are the common factors that decide the exact point and size of your embroidery machine needle. If you use the correct one, it will make your embroidery go clean and smooth with minimal thread breaks.

Embroidery Machine Needles

Types of Embroidery Machine Needles

The common types of embroidery machine needles, have rounded tips and a universal point. It fits almost all types of stabilizers and fabrics. The size also matters for perfect and crisper embroidery. The size may vary, but it ranges between 70-110mm. The best needle always has a lower number, so choose wisely. The measure also depends on the stabilizer, thread, and fabric you are using for embroidery.

Embroidery Machine Needles

If you are working on heavy and dense material, you should use titanium embroidery machine needles because they are of high quality and easily penetrate into the fabric without breakage or losing shape. 

These work more efficiently than other chromium-plated ones, which break easily. You should also consider your embroidery machine; otherwise, it will create a hindrance because needle requirements differ depending on the specific brand you are using.  

Keep in mind the weave and the weight of the needle you are going to use, the machine’s features, the density of the design, the stabilizer, the weave, and the importance of the material and the thread for efficient work.

Perfect Durability Embroidery Machine Needles

These needles are a perfect fit for you working on abusive material with heavy design patterns. They are wear-resistant and are made up of ceramic titanium. Using an ideal durability needle helps you in smooth embroidery with fewer defects and increased productivity.

Embroidery Machine Needles

Ball Point Embroidery Machine Needles

We recommend you using ballpoint needles when working on woven or loose fabric. Using an ordinary one for delicate woven and loose clothes creates a big hole in them, damaging fabric quality. 

It is recommended to use a thin needle for a soft material to maintain its quality. Ballpoint needles work close to woven fabric without creating a hole and maintaining the quality of it.

Ball Point Needles

Cool Sew Needles

Cool Sew Needles

These were produced to reduce needle problems from given conditions discussed below:

  • The buildup of heat from chemically treated heavy material or synthetic fabric.
  • Fabric sticking to the eye or surface of the needle.
  • Frequently breaking of thread from friction in parts of the needle.

In chemically treated or synthetic fabric, friction is a big problem between the material and the needle. It may build up heat in it, which can fuse or melt the fabric. The problem is pervasive, but you can overcome this condition by using cool sewing machine needles. They solve the issue preventing it from recurring.

Best Advice for Embroidery Machine Needles

There are no written rules for selecting embroidery machine needles, but some points will help you in the long run. The first thing is while dealing with delicate and lighter material, using a thin and smaller needle such as batiste and working on rigid and heavier fabric a large needle such as canvas will help you get through the material. 

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