How to do embroidery on leather | 2 Important Facts

Embroidery On Leather

Making embroidery on leather can be difficult, so ensure that you have the right equipment for the job and practice on leftovers first to improve your technique. The process of embroidering on leather is not only conceivable, but it may also result in goods that are both exquisite and profitable for your company. This article discusses the fundamentals of selecting a leather material, selecting patterns that work, selecting needles and stabilizers for leather, and hooping to reduce hoop burn.

When embroidering on leather, there are several things to keep in mind:

embroidery on leather

1) Leather is available in a variety of colors and textures. Cowhide, lambskin, suede, and buckskin are all available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Each kind has its own set of characteristics: thick, thin, flexible, or a variety of varieties that keep their shape even when stretched.

2) When choosing designs to embroider on leather, consider motifs that are light and sheer in appearance. The pattern may burst straight out of the leather if you pick solid leather embroidery designs with strong fills and satin stitch columns due to all of the needle holes.

3) To embroider on leather, a size 80/12 leather embroidery needle is a suitable choice. Because of the wedged tip of this type of needle, the hole or perforation created in the leather is smaller than with a standard needle.

How to do machine embroidery on leather?

Following the instructions and taking your time will make machine embroidery on leather a breeze. If you follow these essential tips and methods, you will have no trouble.

Utilize a medium-weight cutaway stabilizer while embroidering on leather to prevent shredding. The temporary spray adhesive is applied between the leather and the stabilizer in order to ensure that the two pieces remain connected tightly.

A stabilizer that has been cut away serves to keep the leather together both during and after the embroidery procedure.

(Smooth the leather onto the adhesive side of the stabilizer with a smooth, even surface.)

When designing, it is usually suggested to use hooping to ensure that the various elements of the design will line up in the correct location (hooping prevents the fabric or leather from shifting as the hoop moves while embroidering.

 Use of Hoop:

A hoop, on the other hand, might leave a lasting imprint on the leather or scuff it. Before attaching the top hoop, we will place strips of muslin on top of the leather to prevent scuffing or permanent markings on the leather.

Use Of Hoop

Prepare leather for embroidery:

Emboridery on Leather is bit tricky. Prepare to embroider by repositioning the fabric out of the way. Create the design by embroidering it.

Because leather is thicker than cloth, there will be greater friction between the needle and the leather due to the thickness difference. When the needle is raised slightly higher than the leather, you may see a slight pull-up in the leather.

As a result, we embroider at a slow speed, around 350 stitches per minute, to deal with the increased friction.

Prepare Leather For Embroidery


Embroidering on leather presents several challenges that you have now learned about. Consider the leather embroidery needle size, thread color, stabilizer, hooping technique, and leather embroidery designs while making your hooped project.

Your embroidery outcomes should increase due to your understanding of incorporating these variables in the design correctly.

Thank you for reading our article about Embroidery on Leather.

Frequently Ask Question:

In order to embroider on vinyl, a leather needle is required. Instead of simply penetrating the surface, this specialized needle slices through it, cutting it in the process. Choose a gauge that is adequate for the weight of the leather. Maintain a minimum half-speed setting on the machine while closely monitoring the sewing process.

Yes, embroidery on leather is done in the same way as explained above in this article.

And the technique is nearly identical to that used for embroidering on jackets and other leather goods.

When embroidering on leather, a size 80/12 leather needle is a suitable choice. Because of the wedged tip of this type of needle, the hole or perforation created in the leather is smaller than with a standard needle.

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