How to Create Custom Fonts in Wilcom

Do you want to create your own customized fonts but having difficulty? If yes then this article is for you.

In Wilcom adding a font might not be a difficult thing as you can add all the traditional built-in fonts quite easily.

In the font drop-down, there are many font types available that you can choose for your project.

However; the problem is the custom fonts, if you want to create the customized fonts for some particular project then you cannot find them anywhere, but you have to create them manually instead.


Open up the Wilcom application and import your required design file containing the custom lettering.


Lock your design file from the toolbar so that you can work on it without difficulty, or just simply press “K” as a shortcut key from your keyboard.


From the left toolbar select “Column A”, it will get you into selection mode. Now start selecting your custom lettering manually, make sure you place the square nodes and circular nodes according to the shape of your custom letters.


Make sure you create your letters in Satin.

The circular area of your letters might be tricky for you, as they are a little difficult.

But if you make sure to keep the stitch angle correct. Then you can get through it easily.


After selecting all of your letters and placing nodes on them, make sure they are in good shape, if not then you can use the reshape tool to fix their shape.

Make sure to select your letters as one object so they would run properly in your embroidery machine.

Set your required spacing for your lettering, and that is it, you have successfully created the customized lettering.

Change the color if you want to and save your design file, now your file is ready to be used in the embroidery machine.

Hope it will be helpful for you guys!

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