7 Best Ways To Lettering With Embroidery Machines

7 Best Ways To Lettering With Embroidery Machines


Lettering with Embroidery Machines: It is not only by frames, or colors that work outstanding can be illustrated. You can improve your artwork through letters, as they can add meaning and make the artwork more unique, and delightful. Sticking is a technique that gives meaning and clearity to messages. 

It makes it more unique and efficiently communicates itself. Embroidery would certainly have a positive influence, as far as clothing, handkerchiefs, monograms, and quotes are concerned. Therefore, Embroidery makes them perfect items or gifts for thanks.

What if you don’t have a proper sticking machine but want to try sticking? Or are you interested still, but want your skills improved? This article will help you to solve the sewing machine problem.

7 best lettering With Embroidery Machines Techniques

1. Chain Stitch:

This stitching emphasizes bold styles and can be easily used for bold types. This stitch you can use when stitching quotation marks or remarks in the slogan as it gives to your lettering the feeling of completeness, accuracy, and bi-dimensional appearance.

Chain Stitch
Stem Stitch

2. Stem Stitch

The stem stitch is thinner than the chain stitch, an outstanding calligraphy font technique. It looks clean, complete, and compatible with the sticking. Imagine a rope being letters, and this technique of embroidery works in this way.

3. Back Stitch

The back and interior stitches are for non-cursive Embroidery Machine fonts uses. This method can also be used to emphasize letter edges, especially when creating larger fonts. However, it can look very thin and look like a straight stitch if you use the stitch as the label itself. It is appropriate for thin fonts, depending on your style.

Back Stitch
Split Stitch

4. Split Stitch

The letters look knitted in this stitch. Trying lettering of the style of curved and soft calligraphy is a good method. The stitched letters appear neat and clear, dense, and tight. It can also be used in conjunction with a different color stitch so that the bright, fading tone of letters is reflected.

5. Running Stitch:

The simplest technical style you can apply is continuous stitching. It practically helps to smooth the letters because it leaves gaps between stitches. The décor is appropriate for infants, children..

Except for these five techniques, there are two more embroidery patterns that you can use in your embroidery work.

Running Stitch

6. Satin Stitch

Satin Stitch

Padded Satin Stitch gives dimensional look to letters. To do so, first, stitch the letters on the back and then pack the small straight points (satin) on the back of the stitch. This gives the letter a full-size dimension and emphasizes the letter. 

If you have thicker letters, define the design with reverse stitches, and add chain stitches to the design. Do after the satin stitching. Do not use too thick lines (backstitch and chain stitch) for the initial fill; the specifics cannot be refined. Sew a tiny back piece when you hit the corner.

Herringbone Stitch

7. Herringbone Stitch

Stitches of Herringbones are processed between two parallel lines (imaginary lines or drawn lines). Along the lines, there is a variety of crossing diagonal stitches. Make sure that the stitches are put close together when the pattern is filled with herringbone stitches.

Herringbone Stitch is perfect for floral designs and patterns on the edges. You can use it as a very attractive and adequate filling stitch.

How To Lettering with Embroidery Machines ?

You have learned some best ways to Lettering with Embroidery Machines, but how do you embroider it ?. The sewing machine has several functions that allow users to execute monogram and embroidery projects for towels, pillowcases, and clothing. This is how the sewing machine generates a stick pattern.

The following things you are needed before starting embroidery:

  • Your fabric
  • A stabilizer
  • Sharp sewing machine needles
  • Machine embroidery thread   
  • Designs files on a flash drive   
  • A threaded bobbin

You may also need some Necessary embroidery items for Embroideres

Steps by Steps – How to Lettering with Embroidery Machines:

  1. First, a template is needed
  2. There must be some creativity.
  3. Now create the fabric where the design is to be cut.
  4. Make sure the letters or design are measured to match the area.
  5. Place the pattern on the material and carry the material to the sewing machine with a ruler.
  6. Now you can stitch a sheet of paper on the cloth, but make sure that you use embroidery needles.
  7. Start stitching the first letter’s edges
  8. Remember that if you continue sewing, you move the hoop.
  9. The thin dotted line that the needle creates makes tearing the paper smoother.
  10. To prevent uneven fillings, sew but do not pull the fabric.


You can do Lettering with embroidery machines as well as without an embroidery machine. You can complete the job with a good old sewing machine. 

However, you must learn and master the above techniques so that a successful finished product is usable. It might be appropriate to alter and make some changes to your letter embroidery depending on the purpose of your machine. Have fun and be patient!

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