5 Absolute Screen Printing Vs Embroidery Differences

Screen Printing Vs Embroidery: What’s The Difference


Screen Printing vs Embroidery: The most popular decorative clothing processes on the market are by far screen printing and embroidery. A screen-print, plastisol, and squeegee are used to print by screen printing or custom printing so that the content is reflected on the fabric. 

It’s not easy to make these items. Labels, garments, and labels are used for printing. Embroidery needs just cloth, on the other hand. Only a spool, machine needle, and thread are required for embroidery. The similarity between the two methods is that the final picture is shown by both machines.

Screen printing is undoubtedly the largest market share for specific applications, and embroidery has unquestionably an advantage. There are several variables to consider in determining which clothing decoration method to use, but this is where every technique has its benefits.

Image size:

The first difference b/w screen printing vs emrbroidery is image size. No doubt A screen size is more significant for screen printing. Embroidery tends to accumulate fabrics and in large sizes can be lighter and scratchy. In large sizes, as the screen-printing price does not shift drastically between small pocket prints and large back prints, embroidery is also far relatively more expensive.

Corporate look:

The 2nd difference b/w screen printing vs emrbroidery is Corporate Look.Embroidery is often beautiful when it comes to enterprise applications. Small company logos embroidery business shirts look more professional than screen printing.

Corporate look

Soft hand:

The 3rd difference b/w screen printing vs embroidery is Soft Hand.The decorative feeling on the skin is called “hand.” “Soft hands” means that the printed surface cannot be easily separated from the fabric. “Hard hand” means the printing position is much more complex and challenging than the material itself. 

When you print water-based ink, since it penetrates the fabric and becomes a part of the fabric, you get a smooth, hard to distinguish hand texture during printing. Due to the high density of the stitches used, embroidery is always like rough hands, and the embroidery can get scratched.

Soft hand


The 4th difference b/w screen printing vs embroidery is Headwear. While screen printing on hats and various other headwears can work, no doubt embroidery is the most appropriate choice. Most bottle caps’ seams stretch down the center of the front cap so that it is hard to print or transfer heat. One exception is the pre-blast trucker cover. Their screen printing works well, but when perusing, they can also produce incredible effects. The foam presses down and creates a 3D effect where the embroidery is located.



Cost also the major difference if we compare screen printing vs embroidery. Both approaches have their pros and cons.

Pros and cons of embroidery:

Embroidery is the process where a logo is attached, or a symbol is sewn on a cloth (such as a shirt, jacket, or hat). Embroidery is an excellent means of customized clothing for every organization. It’s clean, simple, shows the logo, and makes it perfect for businesses. Furthermore, the embroidery impact is durable. If handled properly, after continuous washing, it will not diminish or stick. Your embroidery would instead become an integral part of the fabric.

Despite its many benefits, embroidery isn’t ideal for each project. Embroidery is usually more costly than printing screens. Some companies are opting for screen printing for large projects. Moreover, you generally pay for the number of threads, so it is not the most economical choice to broader a broad logo. All the embroidery work is different.

Pros and Cons of Screen Printing:

Printing with the screen uses ink to print the logo onto an individual item from the screen. The screen printing looks fine, and it will last a long time if handled correctly. Unlike embroidery on the fabric, a variety of materials can be used for screen printing. Screen printing may do the job whether you want to put the logo on a coffee cup, tote bag, pressure ball, or T-shirt. Screen printing is generally cheaper than embroidery, so it is highly suited for large orders and logos.

Although various materials can be applied to screen printing, thick and fuzzy materials such as woolen coats are not good enough. Embroidery can be a better choice in these situations. Screen printing jobs generally take more time than embroidery projects. Your design requires a custom screen with pictures that may be time-consuming. Of course, each project is different.


Our conclusion of Screen Printing Vs Embroidery: The best choice is screen printing when the budget is tight. You can save and buy your printing machine, which allows you to purchase the next device. The distinction between these two approaches is essential to understand. High-quality embroidery is an art, and not many people allow such embroidery. You can design your shirts and beach equipment to suit your needs. You can now make a decision depending on the situation since you understand the difference.

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