How To Fix A Corrupt Embroidery Design File

corrupt embroidery design

Corrupt Embroidery Design: It happens mostly with us that error can occur in design due to Random error or Systematic error. Although we are taking preventive steps to avoid messing, we are human and make mistakes on our machine embroidery projects sometimes. And it can be SO FRUSTRATING. I want to throw away the object if something happens to me. … Read more

Is Machine Embroidery Business profitable

Embroidery Business

Starting an embroidery business isn’t difficult, but it does take a lot of thought and planning. All embroidery business owners dream of a profitable and well-organized embroidery company! Embroidery has been and will consistently be a profitable business. In this video, you will go through some points that clarify that the Embroidery business is profitable in many ways. These days … Read more

What Is Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Business

The Embroidery field is one of the most prominent fields, and it has been passed down to us for generations. Today if you take a look around you, then you will pretty much find yourself surrounded by embroidery work. Though we have been engulfed by embroidery work, yet there are many people who do not actually understand the difference between … Read more

How to Improve Embroidery Digitizing Quality

How to Improve Embroidery Quality

How do you know that an Embroidery digitizer has done fine work along with your digitized design?  The trickiest portion of the work is finding a quality embroidery digitizing service for work. So, in this video, we are going to consider how to improve embroidery quality?  We all know that these days, it isn’t troublesome to discover an Embroidery digitizer … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing

Are you just starting out with your embroidery business? Make sure you know these Do’s and Don’ts. Whether you have already started your embroidery career or just starting out, you must be well-acquainted with the embroidery convention.    Being a beginner to embroidery digitizing, there might be many questions on your mind; of course, there are some underlined technical aspects … Read more


Best embroidery threads

Introduction: It is fundamental to avoid your machine from acting up and causing your migraines. But how will you get to know in case a machine embroidery string could be of high quality? Selecting the right string for your embroidery machine is vital for choosing the best embroidery thread to develop a garment. To get the outcomes you want to … Read more

5 Best Printing Methods With Pros & Cons

printing methods

Introduction Getting into the printing business can be tricky. There are many printing methods, and which one suits you the best should be determined since the beginning of setup. In this article, we will discuss the 5 Best types of printing services. If you are thinking of starting a printing business or if you want to expand your custom apparel … Read more

4 Best commercial Embroidery Machines

Embroidery Machines

In this article, a comparison between the 4 best commercial embroidery machines for commercial projects will be discussed. The following are the embroidery machines:   4)Ricoma-MT-1502: Ricoma MT-1502 is a dual head commercial embroidery machine by Ricoma, it is one of the best machines and suitable for all embroidery needs. Moreover; the best thing about MT-1502 is that it can … Read more